10,000 Clicks: Photo-galleries and ID Features

There are approximately 10,000 bird species on this beautiful planet. Here at 10,000 Birds we expect to not only see but eventually photograph or write about every single one! (We’ll get there eventually…) Anyway, we have a serious interest in photography to go with our interest in birds and bird identification. We’ve consequently amassed a rather large collection of photos, and rather than hide them away on our hard-drives we’ve decided that you may like to see them instead. Almost all of the galleries linked to on this page are of a single species (mostly birds, but we also point our lenses at insects, mammals, herps, and plants) and contain between three and fifteen different images and (often) a short bio – just click on the species you’d like to see pictures of and you’ll be whizzed to the gallery in moments. Please note all photos are copyright Mike Bergin or Corey Finger (unless otherwise specified in the posts). Photographs are compressed to make pages load more quickly. We add galleries to 10,000 Clicks on a regular basis, so please don’t think that if you had a look last month, there’ll be nothing new. Also note that we explore a wider variety of birds in greater depth throughout the site, so check out the blog and our Birds page.   BIRDS NON-PASSERINES CASUARIIDAE – Cassowaries and emu Photo-gallery: Southern Cassowary (Australia) Photo-gallery: Emu (California) CRACIDAE – Chachalacas, Curassows, Guans Photo-gallery: Plain Chachalacas (Texas) PHASIANIDAE – Pheasant, Fowl, and Allies Photo-gallery: Chukar Partridge (Kazakhstan) Photo-gallery: Wild Turkey (New Jersey) Photo-gallery 2 Wild Turkey (New Jersey) Photo-gallery: Ruffed Grouse (New York) Photo-gallery: Common (Ring-necked) Pheasant (New York) Photo-gallery: Crested Fireback (Malaysia) Photo-gallery: Willow Ptarmigan (Red Grouse) (New York) ODONTOPHORIDAE – New World Quail Photo-gallery: California Quail (California) Photo-gallery: Northern Bobwhite (Virginia) DIOMEDEIDAE – Albatrosses Photo-gallery: Laysan Albatross (Hawaii) Photo-gallery: leucistic nestling Layson Albatross (Midway) Photo-gallery: Black-browed Albatross (New Zealand) Photo-gallery: Buller’s Albatross (New Zealand) Photo-gallery: Black-footed Albatross (Hawaii) Photo-gallery: Wandering Albatross (New Zealand) PROCELLARIIDAE – Petrels, Shearwaters Photo-gallery: Northern Giant Petrel (New Zealand) Photo-gallery: Cape Petrel (New Zealand) Photo-gallery: Fairy Prion (New Zealand) Photo-gallery: Westland Petrel (New Zealand Photo-gallery: Wedge-tailed Shearwater (Hawaii) Photo-gallery: Christmas Shearwater (Hawaii) Photo-gallery: Fluttering Shearwater (New Zealand) Photo-gallery: Manx Shearwater (UK) Photo-gallery: Cory’s (Scopoli’s) Shearwater (North Carolina) HYDROBATIDAE – Storm Petrels Photo-gallery: New Zealand Storm Petrel (New Zealand) Photo-gallery: White-faced Storm Petrel (New Zealand) PODICEPIDEDAE – Grebes Photo-gallery: Pied-billed Grebe (Honduras) Photo-gallery 2: Pied-billed Grebe (Texas) Photo-gallery 3: Pied-billed Grebe (California) Photo-gallery: Western Grebe (California) Photo-gallery: Great Grebe (Argentina) CICONIIDAE – STORKS Photo-gallery: Marabou Stork (Tanzania) Photo-gallery: The Storks of Africa (Africa) ANATIDAE – Ducks, Geese and Swan Photo-gallery: Black-bellied Whistling Duck (New York) Photo-gallery: Plumed Whistling-Duck (Australia) Photo-gallery: Greater White-fronted Goose (California) Photo-gallery 2: Greater White-fronted Goose (New York) Photo-gallery: “Snow-fronted Goose” Snow X Greater White-fronted Goose (California) Photo-gallery: Ross’s Goose (California) Photo-gallery: Cackling Goose (New York) Photo-gallery 2: Cackling Goose (New York) Photo-gallery: Canada Goose (New York) Photo-gallery: Brant Goose (New York) Photo-gallery: Barnacle Goose (New York) Photo-gallery: Snow Goose (New York) Photo-gallery: “Blue” Snow Goose (California) Photo-gallery: Pink-footed Goose (New York) Photo-gallery: Mute Swan (England) Photo-gallery 2: Mute Swan (Austria) Photo-gallery: fledgling “immutabilis” Mute Swan (Germany) Photo-gallery: Tundra Swan (California) Photo-gallery: Trumpeter Swan (California) Photo-gallery: Whooper Swan (England) Photo-gallery: Black Swan (Australia) Photo-gallery: Paradise Shelduck (New Zealand) Photo-gallery: Wood Duck (New York) Photo-gallery 2: Wood Duck (California) Photo-gallery: African Pygmy Goose (Botswana) Photo-gallery: Mallard (California) Photo-gallery: Hybrid Mallards (Worldwide) Photo-gallery: Manky/Domesticated Mallards (Worldwide) Photo-gallery: Mallard ducklings (New York) Photo-gallery: Mottled Duck (Florida) Photo-gallery: Gadwall ducklings (New Jersey) Photo-gallery: Cinnamon Teal (California) Photo-gallery: Northern Shoveler (California) Photo-gallery 2: Northern Shoveler (California Photo-gallery: Brown Teal (New Zealand) Photo-gallery: Sunda Teal (Indonesia) Photo-gallery: Pink-eared Duck (Australia) Photo-gallery: White-cheeked Pintail (Bahamas) Photo-gallery: Northern Pintail (California) Photo-gallery: Green-winged Teal (California) Photo-gallery: Pochard (Germany) Photo-gallery: Redhead (New York) Photo-gallery 2: Redhead (New York) Photo-gallery: Harlequin Duck (New York) Photo-gallery: Black Scoter (Massachusetts) Photo-gallery: Long-tailed Duck (Canada) Photo-gallery: Tufted Duck (New York) Photo-gallery: Greater Scaup (New York) Photo-gallery: Ring-necked Duck (California) Photo-gallery 2: Ring-necked Duck (Germany) Photo-gallery: Common Eider (Massachusetts) Photo-gallery: Bufflehead in flight (New York) Photo-gallery: Bufflehead (California) Photo-gallery: Common Merganser (California) Photo-gallery: Ruddy Duck with black cheeks (New York) Photo-gallery: leucistic Ruddy Duck (New York) Photo-gallery: basic-plumaged Ruddy Duck (New York) GAVIIDAE – Loons Photo-gallery: Arctic (Black-throated) Loon (California) Photo-gallery: Common (Great Northern) Loon (Massachusetts) SPHENISCIDAE – Penguins Photo-gallery: African Penguin (South Africa) PELECANIFORMESS – Ibises, Spoonbills Photo-gallery: White-faced Ibis (California) Photo-gallery: juvenile White Ibis (New Jersey) Photo-gallery: Australian White Ibis (Australia) Photo-gallery: Straw-necked Ibis (Australia) Photo-gallery: Scarlet Ibis (Trinidad and Tobago) Photo-gallery: Roseate Spoonbill (New Jersey) Photo-gallery 2: Roseate Spoonbill (Florida) Photo-gallery 3: Roseate Spoonbill (North Carolina) Photo-gallery 4: Roseate Spoonbill (Florida) Photo-gallery: Black-faced Spoonbill (Hong Kong) ARDEIDAE – Herons, Egrets Photo-gallery: Boat-billed Heron (Honduras) Photo-gallery: American Bittern (Florida) Photo-gallery: Pinnated Bittern (Ecuador) Photo-gallery: Yellow Bittern (Singapore) Photo-gallery: Black Bittern (Australia) Photo-gallery: Black-crowned Night-Heron (New York) Photo-gallery 2: Black-crowned Night-Heron (New York) Photo-gallery: Yellow-crowned Night-Heron (New York) Photo-gallery: nesting Yellow-crowned Night-Heron (New York) Photo-gallery: White-faced Heron (Australia) Photo-gallery: Purple Heron (Germany) Photo-gallery: Great Blue Heron (New York) Photo-gallery: Goliath Heron (South Africa) Photo-gallery: Great Egret (New York) Photo-gallery 2 Great Egret (New York) Photo-gallery: Cattle Egret (New York) Photo-gallery: Green Heron (New York) Photo-gallery 2: Green Heron (United States) Photo-gallery: Striated Heron (Australia) Phot0-gallery: Reddish Egret (Florida) Photo-gallery: Little Blue Heron (New York) Photo-gallery: Snowy Egret (California) Photo-gallery 2: Snowy Egret (New York) PELICANIDAE – Pelicans Photo-gallery: Australian Pelican (Australia) Photo-gallery: Brown Pelican (California) Photo-gallery 2: Brown Pelican (New York) Photo-gallery: American White Pelican (New York) Photo-gallery 2: American White Pelican (California) FREGATIDAE – Frigatebirds Photo-gallery: Great Frigatebird (Hawaii) SULIDAE – Gannets, Boobies Photo-gallery: Northern Gannet (New York) Photo-gallery 2: Northern Gannet (New York) Photo-gallery: Brown Booby (New Jersey) Photo-gallery: grounded Brown Booby (Australia) Photo-gallery: Peruvian Boobies (Peru) Phalacrocoracidae – Cormorants Photo-gallery: Double-crested Cormorants (New York) ANHINGIDAE – Anhingas, Darters Photo-gallery: Anhinga (Florida) CATHARTIDAE – New World Vultures Photo-gallery: Turkey Vulture (California) SAGITTARIIDAE – Secretarybird Photo-gallery: Secretarybird (Botswana) PANDIONIDAE – Ospreys Photo-gallery: Osprey (California) Photo-gallery: Osprey (Australia) ACCIPITRIDAE – Kites, Hawks, Eagles … Continue reading 10,000 Clicks: Photo-galleries and ID Features