10,000 Birds speaks to a very large, highly targeted, remarkably intelligent readership of naturalists, travelers, photographers, writers, and professionals of every stripe. Is that the audience you’d like to reach?

What can we do for you?

If you have a birding/nature/photography book or product… we can review it!
Send us a copy of your publication or product, we’d love to review it. We can’t guarantee that we’ll review every item we receive or provide an irrationally positive write-up, but we do promise that we write unbiased reviews and are not ashamed to gush when we love something. In addition, if we really like your publication or product, we can arrange a promotional giveaway.

If you have a birding festival, event, lodge, tour company, or destination… we can help promote it!
Assuming we can agree on terms, we’d love to either visit the location of your event in advance or blog the event itself. For tour operators and proprietors of lodges and locations that cater to birders, bring us down and we’ll write all about the experience. Again, we won’t guarantee perfectly positive coverage but we are volubly passionate about outstanding birding and accommodations!

10,000 Birds will also host text or banner advertisements for the right companies or organizations. We are interested in working with you to create the right promotional campaign. Contact us today for our rates.