This is one of those weekends where actually watching birds gets in the way of writing about them, so I’ll cut to the chase. See any nice birds lately?

The best bird of my weekend was Japanese Waxwing spotted where else but in Japan! The vision of a waxwing with a crimson terminal tail tip was both incongruous and exciting. Corey’s BBOTW was a Brown Pelican at Montauk Inlet, a good bird in New York State, especially in December!

How about you? What was your best bird of the weekend? Tell us in the comments section about the rarest, loveliest, or most fascinating bird you observed. If you’ve blogged about your weekend experience, you should include a link in your comment.

Since my waxwings shots weren’t that hot, let’s enjoy Corey’s wayward

Written by Mike
Mike is a leading authority in the field of standardized test preparation, but he's also a traveler who fully expects to see every bird in the world. Besides founding 10,000 Birds in 2003, Mike has also created a number of other entertaining but now extirpated nature blog resources, particularly the Nature Blog Network and I and the Bird.