As a little child, I´ve always liked watching birds fly around and imagined, what it would be like flying around on my own whenever I feel like it and not having to sit in an airplane full of nice people.

Anyway, as I grew older, I started to view birds differently, rather in a superficial way, just judging them by their looks or whether they appeared “cute” or “pretty”. Since I’m not exactly an ornithological expert, this ranking is purely based on my personal thoughts and impressions of these species.

P.S.: If you’ve read my previous post, you won’t be surprised to find out that the Great Spotted Woodpecker didn’t make it onto this list!

Starting with the 5th place: The Peacock (Pavo cristatus)

My very detailed research (thanks, Wikipedia) taught me that these birds are actually called Indian Peafowls– I´m learning a lot writing these posts! It’s not hard to imagine what a girl might like about the male peacock in particular, given that his colorful feathers and charm are all about impressing females – regardless of the species, I guess. The only reason for it being in fifth place is the unpleasant noise this bird tends to make, which greatly differs from its appearance.

Next up in 4th place is: The Toco Toucan (Ramphastos toco)

The Toucan has always been such a cool bird to me!

When looking at birds, I generally focus on their heads and beaks, as these features can really influence my opinion. (For instance, the Marabou Stork or the Californian Condor.) Toucans, on the other hand, have always seemed “clean” and amusing to me. Not in a weird way, but in a way that makes me think they would be extremely funny and down-to-earth if they could talk – with a beak like that!

The bronze medal (3rd place) goes to: The European Robin (Erithacus rubecula)

Robins are very common in Germany. Color and size wise definitely a huge “downgrade” from the previous two birds, yet I love watching European Robins hop around my yard; they look so smart and witty. For their size, they seem incredibly brave, fearlessly hunting worms (I coincidentally always seem to be catching them hunting minutes after mowing the lawn) with determination. Their bright red chests make them look like tiny superheroes. Plus, they’re just super cute in general. There’s something endlessly entertaining about their little antics!

In 2nd place are: Hummingbirds (Trochillidae)

I love hummingbirds in general; their colorful feathers, size, and general look are simply stunning. There seems to be a pattern with me liking birds for their vibrant plumage! Not only are they pretty, but their precision in hovering and sipping nectar is mesmerizing. They even resemble butterflies in their delicate movements, which I also adore. These tiny, dazzling creatures never fail to excite me.

Finally: my favorite bird of all time definitely is the owl.

I’m absolutely smitten with owls, regardless of their species. Their adorable body shape, eyes, and face just melt my heart. But beyond their cuteness, what truly astounds me is their intelligence and remarkable hunting abilities. It’s incredible how they glide through the air with such silent grace, like ethereal beings in the darkness. Their majestic presence evokes a sense of calm and harmony in the wild. Owls, to me, represent the guardians of the night, embodying the untouched beauty of nature. Their mysterious allure never fails to captivate me.

However, if I had to choose a specific owl species (which, let’s face it, I must, considering I’ve committed to ranking them), I’d go with the Tawny owl (Strix aluco). In my humble opinion, it’s the epitome of owl-ness and undeniably adorable.

And so, as I wrap up my ranking of my favorite feathered companions, I’m left in awe of the sheer variety and wonder of the avian world. From the flamboyant peacock to the delicate hummingbird and the enigmatic owl, each bird holds a special place in my heart. They serve as reminders of the beauty and mystery that surround us every day. Here’s to the birds that bring joy to our lives and color to our skies – may we always cherish and protect these magnificent creatures.

Photos: David Tomlinson (Tawny Owl), Donna Schulman (Toco Toucan), Pixabay (Violetear), Kai Pflug (Collared Owlet/Oriental Scops Owl, Indian Peafowl, European Robin). Thanks for allowing their use!

Written by Sara Isabelle Jentsch
Sara Jentsch is a German law student with a passion for writing, art, and nature. She also has a growing interest in birds, although she considers herself a newcomer to the field. Balancing her studies with creative pursuits, Sara finds inspiration in the outdoors and expresses her ideas through writing. She is committed to learning and creativity in all aspects of her life.