10,000 Birds has always been and has become increasingly involved in Conservation issues. Today birds everywhere are under threat. Of roughly 10,000 known species, BirdLife International estimates that one in eight faces extinction. The common thread that winds through virtually all bird declines is – unfortunately – us.

Having said that, the answer to the problems also lie with us. At 10,000 Birds, we’re unashamedly pro-conservation, and we aim to do all we can to support conservation and conservationists. Find out what conservation topics we’ve tackled most recently or check out some of our biggest conservation projects and victories below:


BirdLife International’s ‘Preventing Extinctions Programme’
10,000 Birds joined BirdLife’s Preventing Extinctions Programme as Species Champions in January 2009.

BirdLife Species Champions are a growing community of companies, institutions and individuals that support the conservation which prevents bird extinctions.

As well as providing the funding that brings threatened birds back from the brink of extinction, Species Champions also draw attention to the plight of the species they support and all the other threatened species the BirdLife Preventing Extinctions Programme embraces.


Protect the Commons:
A series of posts written by Mike looking at “the commons” and the tragedy thereof. The posts mainly reflect on North America, but the truths they contain are global. Access all of the posts from the Protect the Commons page.


What is…anyway:
A series of posts looking briefly at conservation organisations or conservation statutes etc


Over our long (by blog standards) history, we’ve been involved in many other conservation activities, including:

  • supporting a conservation project on Sharpe’s Longclaw in Kenya
  • forming a Conservation Club to support small-scale conservation projects
  • promoting leading conservationists and conservation organizations

However, the records of those endeavors are sadly lost. But rest assured, we continue to support conversation of endangered species and habitats around the world every single day. Please join us in our efforts!