Poop Week was a lot of fun around here, but for some people it never seems to end. A reader contacted me with a serious bird feeder problem:

I wanted to get your professional opinion. I’m an avid bird watcher/studier/lover. I mounted 11 six-gallon bird feeders on my deck and have managed to snap some wonderful photos. Unfortunately the birds-while beautiful-have just shit a ton all over my deck. I mean, a lot. I wake up in the morning and it looks like it snowed six inches over night.

Any advice?

As you might expect, my first suggestion was to move the feeders. However, our unfortunate enthusiast here bolted the feeders to his deck with something short of a railroad tie, so he feels removal is not an option. However, the cascade of crap sluicing down to his neighbors is generating much ill will.

Is there anything that can be done here short of full-removal of the feeders?

Written by Mike
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