Can you imagine visiting your local park only to find noisy packs of wild pink parrots cavorting in the grass? That scene might sound like something out of Dr. Seuss but is perfectly natural in the Land Down Under. Reader Shane Martin graciously shared this gallery of Galahs found at a local park in Brisbane, Australia.

The Galah (Eolophus roseicapilla) is actually considered a cockatoo. This gregarious, garralous parrot is easy to find throughout Australia’s city and bush.

I’m not sure how many parrot species eat grass and forbs but these birds do. Shane commented on how interesting he finds it that the Galahs he’s seen always use their right foot to clasp plants while grazing. They ‘mine’ the plant with their beaks, then hold it in their right foot to nibble.

Even wonder what makes a parrot a parrot?

All photos courtesy of Shane Martin

Written by Mike
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