National Birds

It is an oddity of many of our world’s nations that a single species of bird is decided upon as a national symbol.  Few nations, however, have a national mammal and fewer still, probably none, have a national insect.  As birders, we really can’t blame the nations of the world for choosing to so honor birds – we would do the same thing if we had the ability to do so!

It is in honor of those nations that have decided to declare a national bird that we proudly post this page of the world’s national birds.  Don’t see your nation’s national bird here?  We either haven’t gotten to it yet or your country might not have a national bird. The horror! (Though we did cover Italy because they really should have a national bird.)

If you would like to see a particular national bird covered please feel free to make a request in the comments.

Good (National) Birding!

Without further ado, the national birds of the world, in alphabetical order by county.

Belize – Keel-billed Toucan

Denmark – Mute Swan

Estonia – Barn Swallow

Guatemala – Resplendent Quetzal

Honduras – Scarlet Macaw

Italy – None

Jamaica – Red-billed Streamertail

Latvia – White Wagtail

Nicaragua – Turquoise-browed Motmot

Sweden – Eurasian Blackbird

Trinidad and Tobago – Scarlet Ibis and Rufous-vented Chachalaca

United States – Bald Eagle