Just two short weeks ago, I proudly announced that one of Charlie’s posts was selected for inclusion in the anthology of the best science blogging of 2007. After a frenzied fortnight of proofing and formatting, the braintrust behind this effort have brought forth a beautiful baby book. Presenting The Open Laboratory 2007

The Open Laboratory 2007

This is in fact the second Open Laboratory volume, a brainchild of sciblogger extraordinaire, Bora Zivkovic. Yet, as good as that last one was, this one, ably edited by Reed Cartwright, is bound to be better. After all, it’s got Charlie’s paean to the Passenger Pigeon along with 52 other sensational posts from many of your favorite science bloggers. And did I mention how discerning the judges for this anthology were?

Yes, the judges showed remarkable taste and wisdom.

So, return some of those holiday gifts you only pretended to like and spend that cash on multiple copies of The Open Laboratory 2007. As much as I’d like to say that a portion of the proceeds will flow into Charlie’s coffers, they are instead enriching an equally worthy cause, the second annual Science Blogger Conference. However, the rumor around the 10,000 Birds watercooler is that Charlie might be willing to autograph copies for the right price…

Written by Mike
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