With apologies. My life is hectic right now and I haven’t come up with a proper post for you. So I offer three random photos that are among my favorites. Above, a young Anna’s Hummingbird preens on its last day in the nest.

A Burrowing Owl gives me the stink eye just long enough for me to get the message and leave.

A mantling Cooper’s Hawk displays impressive control over the feathers on its nape.

Regular posts resume in 2 weeks. Sorry for the lapse. Until then…

Written by Walter
Walter Kitundu is an artist and designer, instrument builder and bird photographer. As an artist he has created hand built record players powered by the wind and rain, fire and earthquakes, birds, light, and the force of ocean waves. Walter has performed and been in residence at art centers and science museums internationally. He has performed with the renowned Kronos Quartet, bassist Meshell Ndegeocello, the electronic music duo Matmos, and the legendary Marshall Allen - in venues from Carnegie Hall to a high school library in Egilstaadir, Iceland. In 2008 Walter became a MacArthur Fellow. Walter loves photographing birds and is an ongoing volunteer with the Golden Gate Raptor Observatory. He was hooked when a Red-tailed Hawk landed at his side, ate a caterpillar, then refused to leave. He is a Senior Design Developer for the Studio Gallery at the Exploratorium in San Francisco where he designs and builds environments for learning. You can see more of his work on his blog, Bird Light Wind.