What are you doing this Friday evening? Before you start plotting out your weekend birding strategy, consider joining Richard Crossley and Brian Sullivan for Raptor ID Happy Hour, a conversation about North American raptors, at 6pm tonight, March 22nd. Crossley and Sullivan are the co-authors of The Crossley ID Guide: Raptors, published this week by Princeton University Press. You may remember Mike’s post What is a Black Hawk? that kicked off the Raptor Blog Tour celebrating the book’s publication. Well, Princeton University Press has also been offering an ultimate Sweepstakes prize (enter NOW!), and this live happy hour web event.

We are promised that Richard and Brian will share their raptor identification and photography secrets and discuss the design, layout and purpose of their latest photographic guide. So, bring your own spirits, emotional and liquid, and be a part of this unique web event!

Written by Donna
Having been attached to books all her life, Donna Lynn Schulman is thrilled to be engaged in a passion that requires fealty to an information artifact called a “field guide.” Donna divides her birding time between Queens, New York, where she grew up, and central New Jersey, where she is on the adjunct faculty of a very large public university. Donna was a Library Journal book reviewer for 15 years, reviewing over 100 titles, and has also reviewed labor relations books and contributed articles on labor relations research to specialized journals and monographs. She wrote her first birding book reviews for the Queens County Bird Club’s News & Notes, which she formerly edited, and has also reviewed for the American Birding Associations' Birding magazine. Donna was recently pleased to talk about the top birding books of 2017 with Nate Swick for the ABA December podcast. When she is not birding or working on her nature photography, Donna travels to Florida, where she attempts to turn her young nephews into birders (so far, they are fisherman who send her photos of birds), to Los Angeles to visit her writer daughter and son-in-law, or somewhere wonderfully new and birdy. She also contemplates someday writing an article for her blog, Queensgirl.