I have always found the question about which of the two superpowers to choose – to be able to fly, or to be invisible – an intriguing one. For me, it has come down to a choice between extroversion – flying – and introversion – invisibility.

How to answer this question from a birder’s perspective? My hunch is that most birders are more on the introversion side of the whole spectrum, though I am sure there are many exceptions to this (hello Peter!). But of course, this means to look at the question from a general, not a birder-specific perspective.

One could imagine that as a birder’s fascination with flight is likely to be more intense than that of a non-birder, flying would be the choice of most birders. And that may well be true.

However, at least for me, the real joy is in watching birds – ideally without interfering or being noticed by them at all. So, for me the choice would be clear – I would go for invisibility. Particularly if there is an option to make my camera invisible, too.

What would you choose?

Photo: Pied Kingfisher, Nanhui, Shanghai, July 2020

Written by Kai Pflug
Kai Pflug has been living in Shanghai for 20 years. He only became interested in birds in China – so he is much more familiar with birds in China than with those in Germany. While he will only ever be an average birder, he aims to be a good bird photographer and has created a website with bird photos as proof. He hopes not too many clients of his consulting company read this blog, as they will doubt his dedication to providing consulting services related to China`s chemical industry. Whenever he wants to shock other birders, he tells them his (indoor) cats can distinguish several warblers by taste.