If you are interested in seeing some Tumbesian Endemics, very close to the Guayaquil Airport in Ecuador, then you must visit Bosque Protector Cerro Blanco.  This tropical dry forest is being protected by Fundacion Pro Bosque to conserve the 6078 hectars (15,000 acres) of this fragile ecosystem which boasts amazing life and many endemic birds.  One of the most important endemic birds found here is the Great-green Macaw (Ara ambigua) which is considered Endangared due to habitat destruction and capture for cage-bird trade.

The reserve has three main trails that can be covered in a couple of days and they can arrange for bird guide if you wish.  Also they have a camping area and also a small ecolodge for a capacity of five. If you wish to visit this reserve you can contact them via their reservation page .

Here are some of the best photos I was able to get in this dry deciduous forest of the local endemic birds:

White-tailed Jay

Crimson-breasted Finch

Rufous-headed Chachalaca

Sooty-crowned Flycatcher

Visit Ecuador and support our local economy and conservation efforts!

Written by Renato
Renato was born in Quito, Ecuador and quickly flew to the USA to learn all about engineering and climbing company ladders. After getting his engineering degree from the University of Minnesota he worked in the Standard-American-Rat-Race-Company for fifteen years. After climbing the ladder to where he could no longer see the ground, he decided to jump off the ladder and migrate south like all normal birds do. To his surprise home did not look like it did when he left as a young fledgling; the towns were bigger, most of his friends had nests of their own, and the countryside was changed. Shocked by all the change he searched for a new life and a new wife. He stumbled across a vivacious young chick who would accompany him inside a volcanic crater to set up a love nest. So, after eight years of nesting inside the crater a new love for nature and birds has sprung a career in environmental conservation and birding tours. Finally this bird has come home to roost!