Wind farms are an emotive and divisive issue, especially amongst birders. A badly sited wind farm can lead to devastating consequences as we know only too well for many large birds, particularly raptors.

In the UK the visual intrusion caused by the huge turbines is a hot topic with many believing they are ruining the beauty of our wild landscapes and natural heritage. The irony that wind allegedly produces ‘green’ or renewable energy isn’t lost on those that protest against the hundreds of planning applications that are lodged annually for new wind farms.

On 17 May a small group of protesters are planning a peaceful protest march in Scotland at the site for one such new wind farm, Dunmaglass in the Monadhliath Mountains. This ‘Wake for the Wild’ will involve carrying a coffin; a symbol of the death of Scotland’s Wild Places up to the point of the highest turbine, about 2,500 feet up in the beautiful, wild Monadhliath Mountains.

The group plans to say a few words over the coffin in memory of the once wild and beautiful landscape they believe is about to be destroyed following the granting of planning approval . Dunmaglass is an area close to locations known to be frequented by Golden Eagles.

Written by Alan
With a high flying career in business management Alan Tilmouth was once described as an irruptive birder. With the arrival of twins to add to his existing two kids in 2007 he grabbed the opportunity to bring some life changes. Business sold, he is now a full-time dad, birder, and blogger. Alan lives in Northumberland England's most northerly county, works part-time as part of the birdguides news team, tinkers with freelance writing and tries to figure out how his DSLR works. You can read his blog here.