There was a slight crosswind, I’ll give him that, but our pilot seemed rather puffed up after a competent landing. He was rather more self-impressed than was seemly, given that this was his job.

DEN 27Dec15 Bald Eagle 01

So perhaps there had been some hydraulic complications. It’s not as though we ran out of coffee!

DEN 27Dec15 Bald Eagle 02

Yes, yes, the brakes were a bit soft and we only had four-and-a-half miles of runway to play with.

DEN 27Dec15 Bald Eagle 03

Well, we stroked his ego, gave him a biscuit, then we pulled out the photos to show him how it should be done.

DEN 27Dec15 Bald Eagle 04

Praise may stimulate towards better performance, but aspiration is the greatest motivator.

DEN 27Dec15 Bald Eagle 05

Puff all you want when you can land like this, Captain. Perhaps then you can call for your fly-past

DEN 27Dec15 Bald Eagle 09

Written by Redgannet
Redgannet has been working for over 33 years as a crew member/flight attendant and enjoys the well-ventilated air of the outdoors. The nom de blog, Redgannet, was adopted to add an air of mystery and to make himself more attractive to women. His father first whetted Redguga's appetite for all things natural by buying him his first pair of 7x35s and a copy of Thorburn's Birds. Having no mentor beyond an indulgent parent, he spent the first season hoping for an Egyptian Vulture at the bird table in his English garden. His most memorable birding moment is seeing an Egyptian Vulture with those same binoculars 26 years later. Redgannet is married to Canon, but his heart and half of his house belongs to Helen and their son Joseph. He is looking forward to communicating with people who don't ask if he is searching for the "feathered variety" of bird.