For the love of birds and parks.

In the midst of an intensifying battle between protecting public lands and advancing private interests, I want to share a moment of avian celebration at Yellowstone National Park. As the first U.S. national park (1872), birding records date back to its establishment. There are 258 species documented; half of which nest in the park.

Canada Goose family. Photo by © Robin Edwards


Yellow-headed Blackbird. Photo by © Robin Edwards


Red-breasted Nuthatch. Photo by © Robin Edwards


Mountain Chickadee. Photo by © Mark Schraad


Mountain Bluebird. Photo by © Mark Schraad


Mountain Bluebird. Photo by © Robin Edwards


Dusky Grouse. Photo by © Mark Schraad


Common Raven. Photo by © Mark Schraad


Clark’s Nutcracker. Photo by © Mark Schraad


Canada Jays. Photo by © Robin Edwards
This is the bird formerly known as Gray Jay (from 1957 to 2018). Now it’s been returned to its original moniker – the Canada Jay.


Black-billed Magpie. Photo by © Robin Edwards


For information on the YNP bird program and to find checklists, visit the National Park Service REPORTS.

For a disturbing summation of the damage done to our national parks, monuments, and wildlife refuges in one short year, consider this infographic of political maneuvering by Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke…

Infographic courtesy of © The Wilderness Society


To protect our wild spaces and all the flora and fauna (including humans), add your voice!

ACTION ITEM: “America’s top program for protecting parks ends soon.” (The Wilderness Society)

(Featured image – Trumpeter Swans. Photo by © Robin Edwards)

Written by Angela Minor
Angela Minor’s first avian adventure involved a 1000-mile road trip just to look at hummingbirds. As a lifelong vagabond, she has lived, traveled, and birded across the continental U.S., Alaska, the Caribbean, and seven European countries over the past three decades. Freelance travel writer is her third career, following teacher and small business owner. She’s a regular contributor to several travel publications including Blue Ridge Country and Smoky Mountain Living, and writes feature articles for Ft. Myers Magazine, 3rd Act, and international cruise sites. She serves as a field editor with Birds & Blooms, the “Park Watch” Beat Writer for 10,000 Birds, and authors the state park birding series for Bird Watcher’s Digest.