***Note: By the time this gets posted, Hurricane Newton will have passed right thru La Paz, packing 100+ MPH winds. I am posting this on Monday night, as I do not expect to have power or internet service by this time tomorrow.

Sunday was my birthday. That being said, I slept in, and then took my lovely wife for a ride thru the southern Baja desert, to a beachside resort, Gran Sueno Resort. We were traveling late morning, in hopes of a late breakfast, early lunch, brunch sort of thing. There is no way I am going to travel to a new area, without my camera, even if this is not a “Birding” trip, so to speak. Other than a few road side pictures, the pictures below are from or very near our table in the restaurant.

The resort is struggling, as it is a long ways from nowhere, has limited amenities, and other than a nice restaurant, there is not much to draw you there. But, it does have some birds!

The small infinity pool was a great draw for the thirsty female Hooded Oriole.


The male Hooded Oriole was a bit more stand offish.


There was a juvenile Gray Thrasher in the bushes right nest to the open air dining area.


We don’t see a lot of Common Ravens down here, but this one was perched near the entrance.


It is always a treat to see a Harris Hawk. During the trip, we actually saw several.


This Red-tailed Hawk sat on the ridge above the resort.


As we drove out, there is a small salt water marsh that had this Semi-palmated Sandpiper, and one juvenile ( not shown in picture)


Sitting in blinds, waiting patiently, I rarely get to see the baby California Quail, but this little family group walked right out on the edge of an agricultural area.


Written by Tom Brown
Tom Brown grew up in the high desert area of central Oregon. His love for birds and photography started at a young age. Thru the course of time, travel, and a lot of different occupations, he ended up living in Seattle, and met a girl with a sailboat. When he is not scouring whatever area they are in, looking for the next great bird photo, he can be found trying to earn enough money for the next adventure, and of course, a new lens or camera body! Having been nick-named “The Bird Nerd” by his last remaining friends and family, Tom continues search for that next lifer, and the accompanying photo that goes with it. Find his continuing adventures, photographs, and guiding opportunities at Focus on Feathers.