It has been a great 2014

I participated in another fantastic Birding Rally Challenge in Northern Peru.

Birded the famous Manu Road and Manu National Park

PuffbirdsSome of the Puffbirds of the year 2014

Along with Víctor Gamarra-Toledo, Diego García Olaechea, Renzo Piana, Juan Díaz, Jorge Tiravanti, Fernando Angulo Pratolongo, and Jaime J. Valenzuela Trujillo, started a Facebook group “Aves Del Peru – “Birds of Peru”. Lots of good things happening here.

facebookFacebook Group: Aves Del Peru

Started a “large” project covering the birds of Peru.

oriolesScreenshot of a page: Peru Aves

Continued writing for 10000birds, the most popular Bird blog!!!!


Neotropical Motmots and Kingfisher

I expect 2015 to be even more exciting and hope it is for you too!

I wish you all a wonderful year 2105

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Written by Alfredo Begazo
Alfredo lives in Florida but grew up alongside Peruvian Meadowlarks and Marvelous Spatuletails in Peru. Trained as Wildlife Biologist, he divides his time between South Florida and the tropics where he spends a fair amount of time. Alfredo founded Surbound , a blog on mission to connect the birds, wildlife, people, and magnificent landscapes in the Americas.