There’s time left! The campaign to provide one of two brothers who almost singlehandedly care for the injured birds of Delhi, India, has been extended. There’s still time to help!

Here’s the campaign.


Do you love birds? Love the wild world? Do you have a fascination with snakes? Because Nadeem and Mohammad Saud also rescue cobras from snake charmers. They have compassion for all creatures, and need your help to keep up their wildlife rescue work. Nadeem has been given a scholarship by the National Wildlife Rehabilitators Association, and is going on an educational tour of the raptor centers of our East Coast.

No donation is too small to help.

With thanks from the wildlife of Delhi….


 Photos courtesy of Showkat Shafi, Al Jazeera



Written by Suzie
Suzie Gilbert is a wild bird rehabilitator whose shameful secret is that on more than one occasion she has received a female LBJ, or a fledgling whatever, and has been completely unable to ID it. Luckily she has birder friends who will rush to her aid, although she must then suffer their mockery. She is the author of her bird-rehabbing memoir Flyaway (HarperCollins) and the children's book Hawk Hill (Chronicle Books). Her recent suspenseful, bird-filled adventure novel Unflappable (Perch Press) was selected by Audubon Magazine as one of their Three Best Summer Reads of 2020. She lives in New York's beautiful Hudson Valley and is always up for a good hike.