Now that we’ve surpassed 100 editions of I and the Bird, let’s get the next century (metaphorical, although it may feel literal) of the world ‘s best bird blogging started in style. Our host is none other than GrrlScientist of Living the Scientific Life (Scientist, Interrupted), a most fitting curator indeed as her carnival credentials are peerless. Not only is GrrlScientist among the most prolific of all blog carnival participants and hosts, but she has recently rendered a sublime service to the online science and nature communities by founding a new blog carnival. Scientia Pro Publica (Science for the People) ably fills that desperate void left when Tangled Bank faded into oblivion. It is worth mentioning that this carnival always has a nice representation of bird content so be sure to check out previous and future editions. But first, enjoy GrrlScientist’s power-packed presentation of I and the Bird #101.

One need not be a rocket scientist to realize that I and the Bird is where it’s at when it comes to quality blog content on birding and wild birds. If you’ve got the stuff, share it with us! Send a link and summary of your post to me or our next amazing host, Amber (acoakley AT birderslounge DOT com) of Birder’s Lounge. Please get all submissions in by 6/9 for the 6/11 edition.

Written by Mike
Mike is a leading authority in the field of standardized test preparation, but he's also a traveler who fully expects to see every bird in the world. Besides founding 10,000 Birds in 2003, Mike has also created a number of other entertaining but now extirpated nature blog resources, particularly the Nature Blog Network and I and the Bird.