I’ve been on the road quite a bit lately, enjoying outstanding avifauna in the process. This gets one to thinking about how inextricably travel is tied up with birding. Not being an amateur racer or NASCAR devotee, I can’t think of another activity that puts as many miles on one’s car, and that’s just to access local birds. I’ve long maintained that, to see all the birds, you’ve got to visit all the places. Only recently has it become apparent that you’ll probably have to hit each locale multiple times. No wonder so many are turning to BIGBY birding!

Face facts… birders are the new adventurers, boldly traversing the ends of the earth in search of completion that never comes. In any season, over any terrain, through any weather, across earth, wind, and water, birders strive and in striving, come that much closer to the birds they seek. Tai Haku can certainly relate to the attractions of Earth, Wind & Water. Apparently as comfortable in the New World as in the Old, Tai knows his way around ocean depths as well as terra firma. He also knows his way around I and the Bird, having hosted a cracking edition last year. Now he’s back, bigger than ever, with a cinematic compilation of I and the Bird #70.

Where have you been and what have you seen there? The avid travelers, armchair or otherwise, who read I and the Bird would like to know. The next honored host is our good friend from the Great White North, Clare of The House & other Arctic Musings. Please send your submissions for the next edition to me or Clare (clareleah AT qiniq DOT com) by March 18 for the 3/20 edition.

Written by Mike
Mike is a leading authority in the field of standardized test preparation, but he's also a traveler who fully expects to see every bird in the world. Besides founding 10,000 Birds in 2003, Mike has also created a number of other entertaining but now extirpated nature blog resources, particularly the Nature Blog Network and I and the Bird.