White-fronted Nunbird Costa Rica

2021 is already well underway, are you birding? I hope so because watching a flock of redpolls bound through wintery airs that echo with the calls of crows is nature connection magic. Tracking the soaring of a Bateleur in hot African skies is a lifetime gift. Watching Baltimore Orioles consort with Blue-gray Tanagers as Great Kiskadees throw down their wings and yell is the perfect start to any day.

I saw some of that avian action this morning.

During anxious times, birding is therapeutic, it brings us back to center, can wipe away the worries and act as a source of mental fortitude. Watch some birds today and see where it takes you. Watch some birds all year long and enjoy the journey, keep a list. I follow the year list birding tradition. I’m not sure when it started, who ever kept the first list, but it gives me something to strive for, facilitates noting each special moment like when I saw that first Painted Bunting of 2021.

I saw a male just out back this very morning. It flew to some bare branches near a Yellow-throated Euphonia and a pair of Blue Grosbeaks.

I can also note my first White-fronted Nunbird, I had a few at Tirimbina Reserve just the other day. 

Although I would love to see some birds elsewhere, even if I don’t, my year list will make for some fun documentation. After all, Costa Rica is no small player on the world birding stage. We have nearly 930 species on the official list and with some effort, 700 in a year is a feasible goal. Here I go, I hope you also surpass your birding goals in 2021.

  1. Great Tinamou – Tinamus major; Tirimbina, 9-Jan
  2. Little Tinamou – Crypturellus soui; Ciudad Neily area, 3-Feb
  3. Thicket Tinamou – Crypturellus cinnamomeus; Rincon de la Vieja, 27-Feb
  4. Slaty-breasted Tinamou – Crypturellus boucardi; Rio Negro area northern flank Rincon de la Vieja, 24-March 
  5. Great Curassow – Crax rubra; Rincon de la Vieja, 27-Feb
  6. Crested Guan – Penelope purpurascens; Carara area, 13-Feb
  7. Gray-headed Chachalaca – Ortalis cinereiceps; Tirimbina, 9-Jan
  8. Black Guan – Chamaepetes unicolor; Poas area, 27-Jan
  9. Black-bellied Whistling-Duck – Dendrocygna autumnalis; Tirimbina, 9-Jan
  10. Muscovy Duck – Cairina moschata; Embalse Turrucares, 16-Jan 
  11. American Wigeon – Mareca americana; Ciudad Neily area, 3-Feb
  12. Blue-winged Teal – Anas discors; Embalse Turrucares, 16-Jan
  13. Cinnamon Teal – Anas cyanoptera; Ciudad Neily area, 3-Feb
  14. Northern Pintail – Anas acuta; Ciudad Neily area, 3-Feb
  15. Northern Shoveler – Spatula clypeata; Ciudad Neily area, 3-Feb
  16. Lesser Scaup – Aythya affinis; Ciudad Neily area, 3-Feb
  17. Buffy-crowned Wood-Partridge – Dendrortyx leucophrys; Providencia area, 18-Feb
  18. Spotted Wood-Quail – Odontophorus guttatus; Providencia area, 18-Feb
  19. Crested Bobwhite – Colinus cristatus; Guacalillo, 30-Jan
  20. Least Grebe – Tachybaptus dominicus; Ciudad Neily area, 3-Feb
  21. Rock Pigeon – Columba livia; San Joaquin de Heredia, 1-Jan
  22. Band-tailed Pigeon – Patagioenas fasciata; Providencia area, 18-Feb
  23. Red-billed Pigeon – Patagioenas flavirostris; San Joaquin de Heredia, 1-Jan
  24. Pale-vented Pigeon – Patagioeanas cayannensis; Ciudad Neily area, 3-Feb
  25. Scaled Pigeon – Patagioenas speciosa; Rio Negro area northern flank Rincon de la Vieja, 24-March 
  26. Ruddy Pigeon – Patagioenas subvinacea; Poas area, 23-Jan
  27. Short-billed Pigeon – Patagioenas nigrirostris; Carara area, 13-Feb
  28. Inca Dove – Columbina inca; San Joaquin de Heredia, 1-Jan
  29. Plain-breasted Ground-Dove – Columbina minuta; Ceiba de Orotina, 19-Jan
  30. Common Ground-Dove – Columbina passerina; San Joaquin de Heredia, 1-Jan
  31. Ruddy Ground-Dove – Columbina talpacoti; Tirimbina, 9-Jan
  32. Blue Ground-Dove – Claravis pretiosa; Ciudad Neily area, 3-Feb
  33. Ruddy Quail-Dove – Geotrygon montana; Rio Negro area northern flank Rincon de la Vieja, 24-March 
  34. Chiriqui Quail-Dove – Zentrygon chiriquiensis; Valle Quetzales, 2-March
  35. Buff-fronted Quail-Dove – Zentrygon costaricensis; Poas area, 27-Jan
  36. White-tipped Dove – Leptotila verreauxi; San Joaquin de Heredia, 1-Jan
  37. Gray-chested Dove – Leptotila cassinii; Carara area, 13-Feb
  38. White-winged Dove – Zenaida asiatica; San Joaquin de Heredia, 1-Jan
  39. Mourning Dove – Zenaida macrora; Ceiba de Orotina, 19-Jan
  40. Mangrove Cuckoo – Coccyzus minor; Guacalillo, 30-Jan
  41. Squirrel Cuckoo – Piaya cayana; San Joaquin de Heredia, 1-Jan
  42. Groove-billed Ani – Crotophaga sulcirostris; San Joaquin de Heredia, 1-Jan
  43. Smooth-billed Ani – Crotopgaha ani; Ciudad Neily area, 3-Feb
  44. Striped Cuckoo – Tapera naevia; Ceiba de Orotina, 19-Jan
  45. Lesser Ground-Cuckoo – Morrococcyx erythropygus; Guacalillo, 30-Jan
  46. Great Potoo – Nyctibius grandis; Union de Guapiles, 15-March
  47. Common Pauraque – Nyctidromus albicollis; San Joaquin de Heredia, 1-Jan
  48. Dusky Nightjar – Antrostomus saturatus; Providencia area, 18-Feb
  49. Black Swift – Cypseloides niger; Pozo Azul, 28-March
  50. White-chinned Swift – Cypseloides cryptus; Bosque de Nino, 6-March
  51. White-collared Swift – Streptoprocne zonaris; Cinchona, 6-Feb
  52. Chestnut-collared Swift – Streptoprocne rutila; Bosque de Nino, 6-March
  53. Chimney Swift – Chaetura pelagica; Tortuguero National Park area, 7-April
  54. Vaux’s Swift – Chaetura vauxi; San Joaquin de Heredia, 1-Jan
  55. Gray-rumped Swift – Chaetura cinereiventris; Tirimbina, 9-Jan
  56. Costa Rican Swift – Chaetura fumosa; Ciudad Neily area, 3-Feb
  57. Lesser Swallow-tailed Swift – Panyptila cayannensis; Ciudad Neily area, 3-Feb
  58. White-necked Jacobin – Florisuga mellivora; Tirimbina, 9-Jan
  59. Green Hermit – Phaethornis guy; Poas area, 23-Jan
  60. Long-billed Hermit – Phaethornis longirostris; Tirimbina, 9-Jan
  61. Stripe-throated Hermit – Phaethornis striigularis; Tortuguero National Park area, 7-April
  62. Band-tailed Barbthroat – Threnetes ruckeri; La Selva area, 9-Jan
  63. Bronzy Hermit – Glaucis aeneus; Ciudad Neily area, 3-Feb
  64. Lesser Violetear – Colibri cyanotus; Varablanca area, 9-Jan
  65. Veraguan Mango – Anthracothorax veraguensis; Ciudad Neily area, 3-Feb
  66. Green-breasted Mango – Anthracothorax prevostii; Pozo Azul, 28-March
  67. Green Thorntail – Discosura conversii; Cinchona, 6-Feb
  68. Black-crested Coquette – Lophornis helenae; Rio Negro area northern flank Rincon de la Vieja, 24-March
  69. Violet-headed Hummingbird – Klais guimeti; Rio Negro area northern flank Rincon de la Vieja, 24-March  
  70. Bronze-tailed Plumeleteer – Chalybura urochrysia; Tirimbina, 9-Jan
  71. Scaly-breasted Hummingbird – Phaeochroa cuvierii; Tirimbina, 9-Jan
  72. Green-crowned Brilliant – Heliodoxa jacula; Cinchona, 6-Feb
  73. Talamanca Hummingbird – Eugenes spectabilis; Poas area, 27-Jan
  74. Plain-capped Starthroat – Heliomaster constantii; Guacalillo, 30-Jan 
  75. Crowned Woodnymph – Thalurania colombica; Tirimbina, 9-Jan
  76. Fiery-throated Hummingbird – Panterpe insignis; Poas area, 23-Jan
  77. Violet Sabrewing – Campylopterus hemileucurus; Poas area, 27-Jan
  78. Purple-throated Mountain-gem – Lampornis calolaemus; Poas area, 23-Jan
  79. White-throated Mountain-gem – Lampornis castaneoventris; Providencia area, 18-Feb
  80. White-bellied Mountain-gem – Lampornis hemileucus; Cinchona, 6-Feb
  81. Stripe-tailed Hummingbird – Eupherusa eximia; Providencia area, 18-Feb
  82. Ruby-throated Hummingbird – Archilochus colubris; Embalse Turrucares, 16-Jan
  83. Snowy-bellied Hummingbird – Amazilia edward; Providencia area, 18-Feb
  84. Blue-vented Hummingbird – Amazilia hoffmanni; San Joaquin de Heredia, 1-Jan
  85. Rufous-tailed Hummingbird – Amazilia tzacatl; San Joaquin de Heredia, 1-Jan
  86. Charming Hummingbird – Amazilia decora; Ciudad Neily area, 3-Feb
  87. Blue-chested Hummingbird – Amazilia amabilis; Tirimbina, 9-Jan
  88. Cinnamon Hummingbird – Amazilia rutila; Ceiba de Orotina, 19-Jan
  89. Sapphire-throated Hummingbird – Lepidoyga coeruleogularis; Ciudad Neily area, 3-Feb
  90. Coppery-headed Emerald – Elvira cupreiceps; Poas area, 23-Jan
  91. Blue-throated Goldentail – Hylocharis eliciae; Ciudad Neily area, 3-Feb
  92. Canivet’s Emerald – Chlorostilbon canivetii; Rincon de la Vieja, 27-Feb
  93. Magenta-throated Woodstar – Calliphlox bryantae; Valle Quetzales, 2-March
  94. Volcano Hummingbird – Selasphorus flammula; Poas area, 23-Jan
  95. Scintillant Hummingbird – Selasphorus scintilla; Poas area, 27-Jan
  96. White-throated Crake – Laterallus albigularis; La Selva area, 9-Jan
  97. Gray-breasted Crake – Laterallus exilis; Tortuguero National Park area, 8-April
  98. Uniform Crake – Amaurolimnas concolor; Rio Negro area northern flank Rincon de la Vieja, 24-March 
  99. Russet-naped Wood-Rail – Aramides albiventris; Tortuguero National Park area, 7-April
  100. Gray-cowled Wood-Rail – Aramides cajaneus; San Joaquin de Heredia, 1-Jan
  101. Purple Gallinule – Porphyrio martinicus; Ciudad Neily area, 3-Feb
  102. Common Gallinule – Crypturellus soui; Ciudad Neily area, 3-Feb
  103. American Coot – Fulica americana; Ciudad Neily area, 3-Feb
  104. Northern Jacana – Jacana spinosa; Embalse Turrucares, 16-Jan
  105. Sungrebe – Heliornis fulica; Tortuguero National Park area, 7-April
  106. Double-striped Thick-Knee – Burhinus bistriatus; Ceiba de Orotina, 21-March
  107. American Oystercatcher – Haematoupus palliatus; Dominical, 1-Feb
  108. Southern Lapwing – Vanellus chilensis; Ceiba de Orotina, 19-Jan
  109. Wilson’s Plover – Charadrius wilsonia; Punta Morales, 23-March 
  110. Semipalmated Plover– Charadrius semipalmatus; Punta Morales, 23-March 
  111. Killdeer – Charadrius vociferus; San Joaquin de Heredia, 23-Jan
  112. Black-necked Stilt – Himantopus mexicanus; Ciudad Neily area, 3-Feb
  113. Sanderling – Calidris alba; Puntarenas, 19-Jan
  114. Least Sandpiper – Calidris minutilla Ciudad Neily area, 3-Feb
  115. Semipalmated Sandpiper – Calidris pusilla; Ciudad Neily area, 3-Feb
  116. Western Sandpiper – Calidris mauri; Punta Morales, 23-March 
  117. Pectoral Sandpiper – Calidris melanotos; Ciudad Neily area, 3-Feb
  118. Ruff – Philomachus pugnax; Ciudad Neily area, 3-Feb
  119. Willet – Tringa semipalmata; Caldera, 19-Jan
  120. Greater Yellowlegs – Tringa melanoleuca; Guacalillo, 30-Jan
  121. Lesser Yellowlegs – Tringa flavipes; Ciudad Neily area, 3-Feb
  122. Whimbrel – Numenius phaeopus; Caldera, 19-Jan
  123. Long-billed Curlew – Numenius americanus; Punta Morales, 23-March 
  124. Marbled Godwit – Limosa fedoa; Punta Morales, 23-March 
  125. Short-billed Dowitcher – Limnodromus griseus; Ciudad Neily area, 3-Feb
  126. Long-billed Dowitcher – Limnodromus scolopaceus; Ciudad Neily area, 3-Feb
  127. Spotted Sandpiper – Actitis macularius; Dominical, 1-Feb
  128. Parasitic Jaeger – Stercorarius parasiticus; Puntarenas, 19-Jan
  129. Laughing Gull – Leucophaeus atricilla; Caldera, 19-Jan
  130. Franklin’s Gull – Leucophaeus pipixcan; Caldera, 19-Jan
  131. Royal Tern – Thalasseus maximus; Puntarenas, 19-Jan
  132. Sandwich Tern – Thalasseus sanvicensis; Puntarenas, 19-Jan
  133. Black Tern – Chlidonias niger; Guacalillo, 30-Jan
  134. Sunbittern – Europyga helias; Rinconcito, 3-March 
  135. Magnificent Frigatebird – Fregata magnificens; Puntarenas, 19-Jan
  136. Brown Pelican – Pelicanus occidentalis; Puntarenas, 19-Jan
  137. Neotropic Cormorant – Phalacrocorax brasilianus; Tirimbina, 9-Jan
  138. Brown Booby – Sula leucogaster; Guacalillo, 30-Jan
  139. Wood Stork – Mycteria americana; Guacalillo, 30-Jan
  140. Anhinga – Anhinga anhinga; Ciudad Neily area, 3-Feb 
  141. Bare-throated Tiger-Heron – Tigrisoma mexicanum; Ciudad Neily area, 3-Feb
  142. Fasciated Tiger-Heron – Tigrisoma fasciatum; Aguas Zarcas, 3-April
  143. Great Egret – Ardea alba; Guacalillo, 30-Jan
  144. Great Blue Heron – Ardea herodias; San Joaquin de Heredia, 1-Jan
  145. Little Blue Heron – Egretta caerulea; Tirimbina, 9-Jan
  146. Snowy Egret – Egretta thula; Tirimbina, 9-Jan
  147. Tricolored Heron – Egretta tricolor; Guacalillo, 30-Jan
  148. Reddish Egret – Egretta rufescens; Tarcoles, 1-Feb
  149. Cattle Egret – Bubulcus ibis; San Joaquin de Heredia, 1-Jan
  150. Least Bittern – Ixobrychus exilis; near Jaco, 4-April
  151. Green Heron – Butorides virescens; Ciudad Neily area, 3-Feb
  152. Yellow-crowned Night-Heron – Nictanassa violacea; Embalse Turrucares, 16-Jan
  153. Boat-billed Heron – Cochlearius cochlearius; Embalse Turrucares, 16-Jan
  154. White Ibis – Endocimus albus; Ciudad Neily area, 3-Feb
  155. Glossy Ibis – Plegadis falcinellus; Ciudad Neily area, 3-Feb
  156. Roseate Spoonbill – Platea ajaja; Ciudad Neily area, 3-Feb
  157. Black Vulture – Coragyps atrata; San Joaquin de Heredia, 1-Jan
  158. Turkey Vulture – Cathartes aura; San Joaquin de Heredia, 1-Jan
  159. Lesser Yellow-headed Vulture – Cathartes burrovianus; Ciudad Neily area, 3-Feb
  160. King Vulture – Sarcoramphus papa; Ciudad Neily area, 3-Feb
  161. Osprey – Pandeon haeliatus; Ciudad Neily area, 3-Feb
  162. Pearl Kite – Gampsonyx swainsonii; Ceiba de Orotina, 19-Jan
  163. White-tailed Kite – Elanus leucurus; San Joaquin de Heredia, 1-Jan
  164. Gray-headed Kite – Leptodon cayanensis; Tortuguero National Park area, 7-April
  165. Double-toothed Kite – Harpagus bidentatus; Ciudad Neily area, 3-Feb
  166. Swallow-tailed Kite – Elanoides forficatus; Providencia area, 18-Feb
  167. Black Hawk-Eagle – Spizaetus tyrannus; Tirimbina, 9-Jan
  168. Ornate Hawk-Eagle – Spizaetus ornatus; Valle Quetzales, 2-March
  169. Cooper’s Hawk – Accipiter cooperii; San Joaquin de Heredia, 14-Feb
  170. Plumbeous Kite – Ictinia plumbea; Carara area, 13-Feb
  171. Crane Hawk – Geranospiza caerulescens; Guanacaste, 26-Feb
  172. White Hawk – Pseudastur albicollis; Cinchona, 9-Jan
  173. Common Black Hawk – Buteogallus anthracinus; Guacalillo, 30-Jan
  174. Barred Hawk – Morphnarchus princeps; Rio Negro area northern flank Rincon de la Vieja, 24-March
  175. Harris’s Hawk – Parabuteo unicinctus; Ceiba de Orotina, 19-Jan
  176. Roadside Hawk – Rupornis magnirostris; Ciudad Neily area, 3-Feb
  177. Gray-lined Hawk – Buteo nitidus; Ciudad Neily area, 3-Feb
  178. Gray Hawk – Buteo plagiatus; San Joaquin de Heredia, 1-Jan
  179. Broad-winged Hawk – Buteo platypterus; Poas area, 23-Jan
  180. Short-tailed Hawk – Buteo brachyurus; Puntarenas, 19-Jan
  181. Swainson’s Hawk – Buteo swainsoni; Ciudad Neily area, 3-Feb
  182. White-tailed Hawk – Geranoaetus albicaudatus; near Liberia, 23-March 
  183. Zone-tailed Hawk – Buteo albonotatus; Guacalillo, 30-Jan
  184. Red-tailed Hawk – Buteo jamaicensis; Poas area, 23-Jan
  185. Bare-shanked Screech-Owl – Megascops clarkii; Poas area, 27-Jan
  186. Ferruginous Pygmy-Owl – Glaucidium brasilianum; Ceiba de Orotina, 19-Jan
  187. Central American Pygmy-Owl – Glaucidium griseiceps; Rio Negro area northern flank Rincon de la Vieja, 24-March 
  188. Spectacled Owl – Pulsatrix perspicillata; Ciudad Neily area, 3-Feb
  189. Resplendent Quetzal – Pharomacrus mocinno; Poas area, 23-Jan
  190. Slaty-tailed Trogon – Trogon massena; Tirimbina, 9-Jan
  191. Black-throated Trogon – Trogon rufus; Tirimbina, 9-Jan
  192. Gartered Trogon – Trogon caligatus; Tirimbina, 9-Jan
  193. Black-headed Trogon – Trogon melanocephalus; Ceiba de Orotina, 19-Jan
  194. Collared Trogon – Trogon collaris; Providencia area, 18-Feb
  195. Tody Motmot – Hylomanes momotula; Rincon de la Vieja, 27-Feb
  196. Broad-billed Motmot – Electron platyrhynchum; Tirimbina, 9-Jan
  197. Lesson’s Motmot – Momotus lessonnii; Alajuela, 23-Jan
  198. Turquoise-browed Motmot – Eumomota superciliosa; Ceiba de Orotina, 19-Jan
  199. Ringed Kingfisher – Megaceryle torquata; San Joaquin de Heredia, 1-Jan
  200. Belted Kingfisher – Megaceryle alcyon; Tortuguero National Park area, 7-April
  201. Amazon Kingfisher – Chloroceryle amazona; Tirimbina, 9-Jan
  202. Green Kingfisher – Chloroceryle americana; Tortuguero National Park area, 7-April
  203. White-necked Puffbird – Notharchus hyperrhynchus; Tortuguero National Park area, 6-April
  204. Pied Puffbird – Notharchustectus; Tortuguero National Park area, 6-April
  205. White-whiskered Puffbird – Malacoptila panamensis; Rio Negro area northern flank Rincon de la Vieja, 24-March 
  206. White-fronted Nunbird – Monasa morphoeus; Tirimbina, 9-Jan
  207. Rufous-tailed Jacamar – Galbula ruficauda; La Selva, 9-Jan
  208. Prong-billed Barbet – Semnornis frantzii; Poas area, 27-Jan
  209. Keel-billed Toucan – Ramphastos sulfuratus; Tirimbina, 9-Jan
  210. Yellow-throated Toucan – Ramphastos ambiguus; Tirimbina, 9-Jan
  211. Collared Aracari – Pteroglossus torquatus; Tirimbina, 9-Jan
  212. Fiery-billed Aracari – Pteroglossosus frantzii; Carara area, 13-Feb
  213. Northern Emerald Toucanet – Aulacorhynchus prasinus; Alto Palomo, 6-Feb
  214. Acorn Woodpecker – Melanerpes formicivorus; Poas area, 27-Jan
  215. Hoffmann’s Woodpecker – Melanerpes hoffmannii; San Joaquin de Heredia, 1-Jan
  216. Red-crowned Woodpecker – Melanerpes rubricapillus; Ciudad Neily area, 3-Feb
  217. Black-cheeked Woodpecker – Melanerpes pucherani; Tirimbina, 9-Jan
  218. Golden-olive Woodpecker – Colaptes rubiginosus; Providencia area, 18-Feb
  219. Hairy Woodpecker – Dryobates villosus; Varablanca, 9-Jan
  220. Smoky-brown Woodpecker – Dryobates fumigatus; Rio Negro area northern flank Rincon de la Vieja, 24-March 
  221. Rufous-winged Woodpecker – Piculus simplex; Tirimbina, 9-Jan
  222. Cinnamon Woodpecker – Celeus loricatus; Rio Negro area northern flank Rincon de la Vieja, 24-March
  223. Chestnut-colored Woodpecker – Celeus castaneus; Tortuguero National Park area, 7-April 
  224. Lineated Woodpecker – Dryocopus lineatus; San Joaquin de Heredia, 1-Jan
  225. Pale-billed Woodpecker – Campephilus guatemalensis; Carara area, 13-Feb
  226. Laughing Falcon – Herpetotheres cachinnans; Tirimbina, 9-Jan
  227. Crested Caracara – Caracara cheriway; San Joaquin de Heredia, 1-Jan
  228. Yellow-headed Caracara – Milvago chimachima; San Joaquin de Heredia, 1-Jan
  229. Barred Forest-Falcon – Micrastur ruficollis; Providencia area, 18-Feb
  230. Collared Forest-Falcon – Micrastur semitorquatus; Tarcoles, 3-Feb
  231. Bat Falcon – Falco rufigularis; Tirimbina, 9-Jan
  232. American Kestrel – Falco sparverius; Ceiba de Orotina, 19-Jan
  233. Merlin – Falco columbarius; Poas area, 27-Jan
  234. Peregrine Falcon – Falco peregrinus; San Joaquin de Heredia, 15-Jan
  235. Sulphur-winged Parakeet – Pyrrhura hoffmanni; Providencia area, 18-Feb
  236. Olive-throated Parakeet – Eupsittula nana; Tirimbina, 9-Jan
  237. Orange-fronted Parakeet – Eupsittula canicularis; Ceiba de Orotina, 19-Jan
  238. Brown-throated Parakeet – Eupsittula pertinax; Ciudad Neily area, 3-Feb
  239. Scarlet Macaw – Ara macao; Tirimbina, 9-Jan
  240. Great Green Macaw – Ara ambiguus; Tirimbina, 9-Jan
  241. Crimson-fronted Parakeet – Psittacara finschi; San Joaquin de Heredia, 1-Jan
  242. Barred Parakeet – Bolborhynchus lineola; Providencia area, 18-Feb
  243. Orange-chinned Parakeet – Brotogeris jugularis; San Joaquin de Heredia, 1-Jan
  244. Brown-hooded Parrot – Pyrilia haematotis; Tirimbina, 9-Jan
  245. White-crowned Parrot – Pionus senilis; San Joaquin de Heredia, 1-Jan
  246. Blue-headed Parrot – Pionus menstruus; Ciudad Neily area, 3-Feb
  247. White-fronted Parrot – Amazona albifrons; San Joaquin de Heredia, 1-Jan
  248. Red-lored Parrot – Amazona autumnalis; Tirimbina, 9-Jan
  249. Mealy Parrot – Amazona farinosa; Ciudad Neily area, 3-Feb
  250. Yellow-naped Parrot – Amazona auropalliata; Guacalillo, 30-Jan
  251. Russet Antshrike – Thamnistes anabatinus; Quebrada Gonzalez, 15-March
  252. Fasciated Antshrike – Cymbilaimus lineatus; Tirimbina, 9-Jan
  253. Great Antshrike – Taraba major; Ciudad Neily area, 3-Feb
  254. Black-crowned Antshrike – Thamnophilus atrinucha; Tirimbina, 9-Jan
  255. Black-hooded Antshrike – Thamnophilus bridgesi; Carara area, 13-Feb
  256. Barred Antshrike – Thamnophilus doliatus; San Joaquin de Heredia, 1-Jan
  257. Streak-crowned Antvireo – Dysithamnus striaticeps; Tirimbina, 9-Jan
  258. White-flanked Antwren – Myrmotherula axillaris; Tirimbina, 9-Jan
  259. Checker-throated Antwren – Epinecrophylla fulviventris; Tirimbina, 9-Jan
  260. Dull-mantled Antbird – Myrmeciza laemosticta; Quebrada Gonzalez, 15-March
  261. Chestnut-backed Antbird – Myrmeciza exsul; Tirimbina, 9-Jan
  262. Spotted Antbird – Hylophylax naevioides; Tirimbina, 9-Jan
  263. Bicolored Antbird – Gymnopythis bicolor; Quebrada Gonzalez, 15-March
  264. Ocellated Antbird – Phaenostictus mcleannani; Rio Negro area northern flank Rincon de la Vieja, 24-March 
  265. Dusky Antbird – Cercomacroides tyrannina; Tirimbina, 9-Jan
  266. Thicket Antpitta – Hylopezus dives; Rio Negro area northern flank Rincon de la Vieja, 24-March 
  267. Silvery-fronted Tapaculo – Scytalopus argentifrons; Varablanca, 9-Jan
  268. Plain Xenops – Xenops minutus; Tirimbina, 9-Jan
  269. Spotted Barbtail – Premnoplex brunnescens; Poas area, 23-Jan
  270. Wedge-billed Woodcreeper – Glyphorynchus spirurus; Tirimbina, 9-Jan
  271. Olivaceous Woodcreeper – Sittasomus griseicapillus; Poas area, 27-Jan
  272. Northern Barred-Woodcreeper – Dendrocolaptes sanctithomae; Tirimbina, 9-Jan
  273. Ruddy Woodcreeper – Dendrocincla homochroa; Rincon de la Vieja, 27-Feb
  274. Plain-brown Woodcreeper – Dendrocincla fuliginosa; Rio Negro area northern flank Rincon de la Vieja, 24-March 
  275. Black-striped Woodcreeper – Xiphorhynchus lachrymosus; Tortuguero National Park area, 7-April
  276. Cocoa Woodcreeper – Xiphorhynchus susurrans; Tirimbina, 9-Jan
  277. Ivory-billed Woodcreeper– Xiphorhynchus flavigaster; Rincon de la Vieja, 27-Feb
  278. Spotted Woodcreeper – Xiphorhynchus erthropygius; Valle Quetzales, 2-March
  279. Streak-headed Woodcreeper – Lepidocolaptes souleyetii; Tirimbina, 9-Jan
  280. Spot-crowned Woodcreeper – Lepidocolaptes affinis; Poas area, 27-Jan
  281. Buffy Tuftedcheek – Pseudocolaptes lawrencii; Poas area, 27-Jan
  282. Streak-breasted Treehunter – Thripadectes rufobrunneus; Poas area, 27-Jan
  283. Chiriqui Foliage-gleaner – Automolus exsertus; Carara area, 13-Feb
  284. Striped Woodhaunter – Automolus subulatus; Quebrada Gonzalez, 15-March
  285. Lineated Foliage-gleaner – Syndactyla subalaris; Providencia area, 18-Feb
  286. Ruddy Treerunner – Margarornis rubiginosus; Poas area, 27-Jan
  287. Red-faced Spinetail – Cranioleuca erythrops; Poas area, 27-Jan
  288. Pale-breasted Spinetail – Synallaxis albescens; Ciudad Neily area, 3-Feb
  289. Long-tailed Manakin – Chiroxiphia linearis; Ceiba de Orotina, 19-Jan
  290. White-collared Manakin – Manacus candei; Tirimbina, 9-Jan
  291. Red-capped Manakin – Ceratopipra mentalis; Rio Negro area northern flank Rincon de la Vieja, 24-March
  292. Purple-throated Fruitcrow – Querula purpurata; Tortuguero National Park area, 7-April
  293. Snowy Cotinga – Carpodectes nitidus; Rio Negro area northern flank Rincon de la Vieja, 24-March 
  294. Northern Schiffornis – Schiffornis veraepacis; Rio Negro area northern flank Rincon de la Vieja, 24-March 
  295. Black-crowned Tityra – Tityra inquisitor; Rio Negro area northern flank Rincon de la Vieja, 24-March 
  296. Masked Tityra – Tityra semifasciata; San Joaquin de Heredia, 1-Jan
  297. Cinnamon Becard – Pachyramphus cinnamomeus; Pozo Azul, 28-March
  298. Barred Becard – Pachyramphus versicolor; Poas area, 27-Jan
  299. Rose-throated Becard – Pachyramphus aglaiae; Ceiba de Orotina, 19-Jan
  300. White-winged Becard – Pachyramphus polychopterus; Ciudad Neily area, 3-Feb
  301. Sulphur-rumped Flycatcher – Myiobius sulphureigypus; Carara area, 13-Feb
  302. Ruddy-tailed Flycatcher – Terenotriccus erythrurus; Quebrada Gonzalez, 15-March
  303. Stub-tailed Spadebill – Platyrinchus cancrominus; Valle Quetzales, 2-March
  304. Olive-striped Flycatcher – Mionectes olivaceus; Cinchona, 6-Feb
  305. Ochre-bellied Flycatcher – Mionectes oleagineus; Tirimbina, 9-Jan
  306. Northern Bentbill – Oncostoma cinereigulare; Carara area, 13-Feb
  307. Common Tody-Flycatcher –  Todirostrum cinereum; San Joaquin de Heredia, 1-Jan
  308. Black-headed Tody-Flycatcher – Todirostrum nigriceps; Union de Guapiles, 15-March
  309. Yellow-margined Flycatcher – Tolmomyias assimilis; Tirimbina, 9-Jan
  310. Yellow-olive Flycatcher – Tolmomyias sulphurescens; San Joaquin de Heredia, 1-Jan
  311. Eye-ringed Flatbill – Rhynchocyclus brevirostris; near Jaco, 4-April
  312. Scale-crested Pygmy-Tyrant – Lophotriccus pileatus; Cinchona, 6-Feb
  313. Black-capped Pygmy-Tyrant – Myiornis atricapillus; Tirimbina, 9-Jan
  314. Northern Beardless-Tyrannulet – Camptostoma imberbe; San Joaquin de Heredia, 1-Jan
  315. Southern Beardless-Tyrannulet – Camptostoma obsoletum; Carara area, 13-Feb
  316. Brown-capped Tyrannulet – Ornithion brunneicapillus; Tortuguero National Park area, 7-April
  317. Yellow-crowned Tyrannulet – Tyrannulus elatus; Carara area, 13-Feb
  318. Mistletoe Tyrannulet – Zimmerius parvus; Tirimbina, 9-Jan
  319. Yellow Tyrannulet – Capsiempis flaveola; Jaco area, 20-Jan
  320. Greenish Elaenia – Myiopagis viridicata; Ceiba de Orotina, 19-Jan
  321. Yellow-bellied Elaenia – Elaenia flavigaster; San Joaquin de Heredia, 1-Jan
  322. Lesser Elaenia – Elaenia chiriquensis; Bosque de Nino, 6-March
  323. Mountain Elaenia – Elaenia frantzii; Varablanca area, 9-Jan
  324. Bright-rumped Attila – Attila spadiceus; Tirimbina, 9-Jan
  325. Rufous Mourner – Rhytipterna holerythra; La Selva area, 9-Jan
  326. Dusky-capped Flycatcher – Myiarchus tuberculifer; Tirimbina, 9-Jan
  327. Great Crested Flycatcher – Myiarchus crinitus; San Joaquin de Heredia, 1-Jan
  328. Nutting’s Flycatcher – Myiarchus nuttingi; Carara area, 13-Feb
  329. Brown-crested Flyctcher – Myiarchus tyrannulus; Ceiba de Orotina, 19-Jan
  330. Panama Flycatcher – Myiarchus panamensis; Punta Morales, 23-March 
  331. Great Kiskadee – Pitangus sulphuratus; San Joaquin de Heredia, 1-Jan
  332. Boat-billed Flycatcher – Megarynchus pitangua; San Joaquin de Heredia, 1-Jan
  333. Gray-capped Flycatcher – Myiozetetes granadensis; Tirimbina, 9-Jan
  334. Social Flycatcher – Myiozetetes similis; San Joaquin de Heredia, 1-Jan
  335. Rusty-margined Flycatcher – Myiozetetes cayanensis; Ciudad Neily area, 3-Feb
  336. White-ringed Flycatcher – Conopius albovittatus; Tortuguero National Park area, 7-April
  337. Golden-bellied Flycatcher – Myiodynastes hemichrysus; Braulio Carillo, 15-March
  338. Streaked Flycatcher – Myiodynastes maculatus; Guacalillo, 30-Jan
  339. Sulphur-bellied Flycatcher – Myiodynastes luteiventris; Valle Quetzales, 2-March
  340. Piratic Flycatcher – Legatus leucophaius; Ciudad Neily area, 3-Feb
  341. Tropical Kingbird – Tyrannus melancholicus; San Joaquin de Heredia, 1-Jan
  342. Eastern Kingbird – Tyrannus tyrannus; Pozo Azul, 28-March
  343. Western Kingbird – Tyrannus verticalis; Ceiba de Orotina, 19-Jan
  344. Scissor-tailed Flycatcher – Tyrannus forficatus; Ciudad Neily area, 3-Feb
  345. Fork-tailed Flycatcher – Tyrannus savana; Ciudad Neily area, 3-Feb
  346. Tropical Pewee – Contopus cinereus; Tirimbina, 9-Jan
  347. Dark Pewee – Contopus lugubris; Cinchona area, 9-Jan
  348. Ochraceous Pewee – Contopus ochraceus; Providencia area, 18-Feb
  349. Olive-sided Flycatcher – Contopus cooperi; Rio Negro area northern flank Rincon de la Vieja, 24-March 
  350. Tufted Flycatcher – Mitrephanes phaeocercus; Poas area, 27-Jan
  351. Yellow-bellied Flycatcher – Empidonax flaviventris; Tirimbina, 9-Jan
  352. Willow Flycatcher – Empidonax traillii; Ciudad Neily area, 3-Feb
  353. Yellowish Flycatcher – Empidonax flavescens; Poas area, 23-Jan
  354. Black-capped Flycatcher – Empidonax atriceps; Poas area, 23-Jan
  355. Black Phoebe – Sayornis nigricans; Tirimbina, 9-Jan
  356. Northern Scrub Flycatcher – Sublegatis arenarum; Punta Morales, 2-March
  357. Green Shrike-Vireo – Vireolanius pulchellus; Quebrada Gonzalez, 15-March
  358. Rufous-browed Peppershrike – Cychlarhis gujanensis; Providencia area, 18-Feb
  359. Tawny-crowned Greenlet – Tunchiornis ochraceiceps; Rincon de la Vieja, 27-Feb
  360. Scrub Greenlet – Hylophilus flavipes; Ciudad Neily area, 3-Feb
  361. Lesser Greenlet – Pachysylvia decurtatus; Tirimbina, 9-Jan
  362. Yellow-throated Vireo – Vireo flavifrons; San Joaquin de Heredia, 4-Jan
  363. Yellow-winged Vireo – Vireo carmoli; Poas area, 23-Jan
  364. Philadelphia Vireo – Vireo philadelphicus; San Joaquin de Heredia, 4-Jan
  365. Mangrove Vireo – Vireo pallens; Punta Morales, 23-March 
  366. Yellow-green Vireo – Vireo flavoviridis; Rincon de la Vieja, 27-Feb
  367. Red-eyed Vireo – Vireo olivaceus; Rio Negro area northern flank Rincon de la Vieja, 24-March 
  368. Brown-capped Vireo – Vireo leucophrys; Poas area, 23-Jan
  369. Brown Jay – Psilorhinus morio; San Joaquin de Heredia, 1-Jan
  370. White-throated Magpie-Jay – Calocitta formosa; Guacalillo, 30-Jan
  371. Purple Martin – Progne subis; Tortuguero National Park area, 7-April
  372. Gray-breasted Martin – Progne chalybea; San Joaquin de Heredia, 1-Jan
  373. Blue-and-white Swallow – Pygochelidon cyanoleuca; San Joaquin de Heredia, 1-Jan
  374. Mangrove Swallow – Tachycineta albilinea; Carara area, 13-Feb
  375. Northern Rough-winged Swallow – Stelgidopteryx serripennis; Tarcoles, 1-Feb
  376. Southern Rough-winged Swallow –  Stelgidopteryx ruficollis; Tirimbina, 9-Jan
  377. Violet-green Swallow – Tachycineta thalissina; Bosque de Nino, 6-March
  378. Cliff Swallow – Petrochelidon pyrrhonota; Playa Hermosa, 28-Feb
  379. Barn Swallow – Hirundo rustica; Ceiba de Orotina, 19-Jan
  380. House Wren – Troglodytes aedon; San Joaquin de Heredia, 1-Jan
  381. Ochraceous Wren – Troglodytes ochraceus; Poas area, 23-Jan
  382. Nightingale Wren – Microcerculus philomela; Rincon de la Vieja, 27-Feb
  383. Band-backed Wren – Campylorhynchus zonatus; Quebrada Gonzalez, 15-March
  384. Rufous-naped Wren – Campylorhynchus rufinucha; San Joaquin de Heredia, 1-Jan
  385. Stripe-breasted Wren – Thryophilus pleurostictus; Tirimbina, 9-Jan
  386. Canebrake Wren – Cantorchilus zeledoni; La Selva area, 9-Jan
  387. Cabanis’s Wren – Cantorchilus modestus; San Joaquin de Heredia, 1-Jan
  388. Isthmian Wren – Cantorchilus elutus; Ciudad Neily area, 3-Feb
  389. Riverside Wren – Cantorchilus semibadius; Ciudad Neily area, 3-Feb
  390. Bay Wren – Cantorchilus nigricapillus; Tirimbina, 9-Jan
  391. Black-throated Wren – Pheugopedius atrogularis; Rio Negro area northern flank Rincon de la Vieja, 24-March 
  392. Rufous-breasted Wren – Pheugopedius rutilus; Carara area, 13-Feb
  393. Banded Wren – Thryothorus pleurostictus; Ceiba de Orotina, 19-Jan
  394. Rufous-and-white Wren – Thryothorus rufalbus; Carara area, 13-Feb
  395. White-breasted Wood-Wren – Henicorhina leucosticta; Tirimbina, 9-Jan
  396. Gray-breasted Wood-Wren – Henicorhina leucophyrs; Varablanca area, 9-Jan
  397. Timberline Wren – Thryorchilus browni; Providencia area, 18-Feb
  398. Song Wren – Cyphorhinus phaeocephalus; Rio Negro area northern flank Rincon de la Vieja, 24-March 
  399. Long-billed Gnatwren – Ramphocaenus melanurus; La Selva area, 9-Jan
  400. White-lored Gnatcatcher – Polioptila albiloris; Guacalillo, 30-Jan
  401. Tropical Gnatcatcher – Polioptila plumbea; Tirimbina, 9-Jan
  402. American Dipper – Cinclus mexicanus; Providencia area, 18-Feb
  403. Black-faced Solitaire – Myadestes melanops; Poas area, 23-Jan
  404. Slaty-backed Nightingale-Thrush – Catharus fuscater; Providencia area, 18-Feb
  405. Black-billed Nightingale-Thrush – Catharus gracilirostris; Poas area, 23-Jan
  406. Ruddy-capped Nightingale-Thrush – Catharus frantzii; Poas area, 23-Jan
  407. Orange-billed Nightingale-Thrush – Catharus aurantiirostris; Poas area, 23-Jan
  408. Black-headed Nightingale-Thrush – Catharus mexicanus; near Cinchona, 6-Feb
  409. Swainson’s Thrush – Catharus ustulatus; Providencia area, 18-Feb
  410. Sooty Thrush – Turdus nigriscens; Poas area, 23-Jan
  411. Mountain Thrush – Turdus plebejus; Poas area, 23-Jan
  412. White-throated Thrush – Turdus assimilis; Cinchona, 6-Feb
  413. Pale-vented Thrush – Turdus obsoletus; Rio Negro area northern flank Rincon de la Vieja, 24-March 
  414. Clay-colored Thrush – Turdus grayi; San Joaquin de Heredia, 1-Jan
  415. Tropical Mockingbird – Mimus gilvus; San Joaquin de Heredia, 15-Jan
  416. Black-and-yellow Silky-Flycatcher – Phainoptila melanoxantha; Poas area, 23-Jan
  417. Long-tailed Silky-Flycatcher – Ptiliogonys caudatus ; Poas area, 23-Jan
  418. House Sparrow – Passer domesticus; San Joaquin de Heredia, 1-Jan
  419. Golden-browed Chlorophonia – Chlorophonia callophrys; Poas area, 27-Jan
  420. Elegant Euphonia – Euphonia elegantissima; Providencia area, 18-Feb
  421. Scrub Euphonia – Euphonia affinis; La Garita, 16-Jan
  422. Yellow-crowned Euphonia – Euphonia luteicapilla; Tirimbina, 9-Jan
  423. Tawny-capped Euphonia – Euphonia anneae; Quebrada Gonzalez, 15-March
  424. Olive-backed Euphonia – Euphonia gouldi; Tirimbina, 9-Jan
  425. Yellow-throated Euphonia – Euphonia hirundinacea; San Joaquin de Heredia, 4-Jan
  426. Thick-billed Euphonia – Euphonia laniirostris; Ciudad Neily area, 3-Feb
  427. Yellow-bellied Siskin – Spinus xanthogastrus; Poas area, 27-Jan
  428. Lesser Goldfinch – Spinus psaltria; San Joaquin de Heredia, 17-Jan
  429. Yellow-thighed Brushfinch – Atlapetes tibialis; Poas area, 23-Jan
  430. Large-footed Finch – Pezopetes capitalis ; Poas area, 23-Jan
  431. Chestnut-capped Brushfinch – Arremons brunneinucha; Poas area, 23-Jan
  432. Common Chlorospingus – Chlorospingus flavopectus; Cinchona area, 9-Jan
  433. Sooty-capped Chlorospingus – Chloropsingus pileatus; Poas area, 23-Jan
  434. Ashy-throated Chlorospingus – Chlorospingus canigularis; Quebrada Gonzalez, 15-March
  435. Cabanis’s Ground-Sparrow – Melozone cabanisi; San Joaquin de Heredia, 1-April
  436. White-eared Ground-Sparrow – Melozone leucotis; San Joaquin de Heredia, 1-Jan
  437. Black-striped Sparrow –  Arremonops conirostris; Tirimbina, 9-Jan
  438. Olive Sparrow – Arremonops rufivirgatus; El Rodeo, 1-April
  439. Orange-billed Sparrow – Arremon aurantiirostris; Tirimbina, 9-Jan
  440. Sooty-faced Finch – Arremon crassirostris; Braulio Carrillo, 5-March
  441. Stripe-headed Sparrow – Peucaea ruficauda; Ceiba de Orotina, 19-Jan
  442. Rufous-collared Sparrow – Zonotrichia capensis; San Joaquin de Heredia, 1-Jan
  443. Grasshopper Sparrow – Ammodramus savannarum; Ceiba de Orotina, 19-Jan
  444. Wrenthrush – Zeledonia coronata; Poas area, 27-Jan
  445. Yellow-billed Cacique – Ablycercus holosericeus; Providencia area, 18-Feb
  446. Scarlet-rumped Cacique – Cacicus uropygialis; Quebrada Gonzalez, 15-March
  447. Eastern Meadowlark – Sturnella magna; San Joaquin de Heredia, 4-Jan
  448. Red-breasted Meadowlark – Sturnella militaris; Ciudad Neily area, 3-Feb
  449. Chestnut-headed Oropendola – Psarcolius wagleri; Tirimbina, 9-Jan
  450. Crested Oropendola – Psarcolius decumanus; Ciudad Neily area, 3-Feb
  451. Montezuma Oropendola – Psarcolius Oropendola; Tirimbina, 9-Jan
  452. Streak-backed Oriole – Icterus pustulatus; Guacalillo, 30-Jan
  453. Black-cowled Oriole – Icterus prosthemelas; Tirimbina, 9-Jan
  454. Orchard Oriole – Icterus spurius; San Joaquin de Heredia, 15-Jan
  455. Baltimore Oriole – Icterus galbula; San Joaquin de Heredia, 1-Jan
  456. Red-winged Blackbird – Agelaius phoeniceus; Tirimbina, 9-Jan
  457. Shiny Cowbird – Molothrus bonariensis; Tirimbina, 9-Jan
  458. Bronzed Cowbird – Molothrus aeneus; Tirimbina, 9-Jan
  459. Giant Cowbird – Molothrus oryzivorus; San Joaquin de Heredia, 1-Jan
  460. Melodious Blackbird – Dives dives; San Joaquin de Heredia, 1-Jan
  461. Great-tailed Grackle – Quiscalus mexicanus; San Joaquin de Heredia, 1-Jan
  462. Ovenbird – Seirus aurocapilla; Bosque de Nino, 6-March
  463. Louisiana Waterthrush – Parkesia motacilla; Poas area, 23-Jan
  464. Northern Waterthrush – Parkesia noveboracensis; Guacalillo, 30-Jan
  465. Golden-winged Warbler – Vermivora chrysoptera; Poas area, 27-Jan
  466. Worm-eating Warbler– Helmitheros vermivorum; Rincon de la Vieja, 28-Feb
  467. Black-and-white Warbler – Mniotilta varia; Tirimbina, 9-Jan
  468. Tennessee Warbler – Leiothlypis peregrina; San Joaquin de Heredia, 1-Jan
  469. Prothonotary Warbler – Protonotaria citrea; Guacalillo, 30-Jan
  470. Flame-throated Warbler – Oreothlypis gutturalis; Poas area, 23-Jan
  471. Gray-crowned Yellowthroat – Geothlypis poliocephala; La Selva area, 9-Jan
  472. Mourning Warbler – Geothlypis philadelphia; La Selva area, 9-Jan
  473. Kentucky Warbler – Geothlypis formosa; La Selva area, 9-Jan
  474. Olive-crowned Yellowthroat – Geothlypis semiflava; Tortuguero National Park area, 7-April
  475. Yellow Warbler – Setophaga petechia; San Joaquin de Heredia, 1-Jan
  476. Chestnut-sided Warbler – Setophaga pensylvanica; Tirimbina, 9-Jan
  477. American Redstart – Setophaga ruticilla; San Joaquin de Heredia, 21-Feb
  478. Bay-breasted Warbler – Setophaga castanea; Quebrada Gonzalez, 15-March
  479. Tropical Parula –  Setophaga pitiayumi; Cinchona area, 9-Jan
  480. Townsend’s Warbler – Setophaga townsendi; Bosque de Nino, 6-March
  481. Black-throated Green Warbler – Setophaga virens; Poas area, 23-Jan
  482. Blackburnian Warbler – Setophaga fusca; Poas area, 27-Jan
  483. Slate-throated Redstart – Myioborus miniatus; Varablanca, 9-Jan
  484. Collared Redstart – Myioborus torquatus; Poas area, 23-Jan
  485. Buff-rumped Warbler – Myiothlypis fulvicauda; Tirimbina, 9-Jan
  486. Black-cheeked Warbler – Basileuterus melanogenys; Poas area, 27-Jan
  487. Rufous-capped Warbler – Basileuterus rufifrons; San Joaquin de Heredia, 1-Jan
  488. Golden-crowned Warbler – Basileuturus culicivorus; Rincon de la Vieja, 27-Feb
  489. Costa Rican Warbler – Basileuturus melanotisr; Poas area, 27-Jan
  490. Wilson’s Warbler – Cardellina pusilla; Poas area, 23-Jan
  491. Dusky-faced Tanager – Mitrospingus cassinii; Quebrada Gonzalez, 15-March
  492. Flame-colored Tanager – Piranga bidentata; Poas area, 27-Jan
  493. White-winged Tanager – Piranga leucoptera; Providencia area, 18-Feb
  494. Hepatic Tanager – Piranga flava; Rio Negro area northern flank Rincon de la Vieja, 24-March 
  495. Western Tanager – Piranga ludovociana; Guacalillo, 30-Jan
  496. Scarlet Tanager – Piranga olivacea; Pozo Azul, 28-March
  497. Summer Tanager – Piranga rubra; San Joaquin de Heredia, 1-Jan
  498. Red-crowned Ant-Tanager – Habia rubica; San Joaquin de Heredia, 27-Jan
  499. Red-throated Ant-Tanager – Habia fuscicauda; Rio Negro area northern flank Rincon de la Vieja, 24-March 
  500. Carmiol’s Tanager – Chlorothraupi carmioli; Quebrada Gonzalez, 15-March
  501. Black-faced Grosbeak – Caryothraustes poliogaster; Quebrada Gonzalez, 15-March
  502. Rose-breasted Grosbeak – Pheucticus ludovicianus; San Joaquin de Heredia, 10-Jan
  503. Black-thighed Grosbeak – Pheucticus tibialis; Poas area, 23-Jan
  504. Blue-black Grosbeak – Cyanocompsa cyanoides; Tirimbina, 9-Jan
  505. Blue Grosbeak – Passerina caerulea; San Joaquin de Heredia, 10-Jan
  506. Indigo Bunting – Passerina cyanea; near Jaco, 4-April
  507. Painted Bunting – Passerina ciris; Raptor Ridge; San Joaquin de Heredia, 10-Jan
  508. Dickcissel – Spiza americana; Ceiba de Orotina, 19-Jan
  509. Blue-and-gold Tanager – Bangsia arcaei; Quebrada Gonzalez, 15-March
  510. Golden-hooded Tanager –  Stilpnia larvata; Tirimbina, 9-Jan
  511. Emerald Tanager – Tangara florida; Quebrada Gonzalez, 15-March
  512. Bay-headed Tanager – Tangara gyrola; Providencia area, 18-Feb
  513. Spangle-cheeked Tanager – Tangara dowii; Poas area, 23-Jan
  514. Silver-throated Tanager – Tangara icterocephala; Poas area, 23-Jan
  515. Plain-colored Tanager – Tangara inornata; Tortuguero National Park area, 7-April
  516. Black-and-yellow Tanager – Chrysothlypis chrysomelas; Quebrada Gonzalez, 15-March
  517. Blue-gray Tanager – Thraupis episcopus; San Joaquin de Heredia, 1-Jan
  518. Palm Tanager – Thraupis palmarum; Tirimbina, 9-Jan
  519. Tawny-crested Tanager – Tachyphonus delattrii; Quebrada Gonzalez, 15-March
  520. White-shouldered Tanager – Tachyphonus luctuosus; Tirimbina, 9-Jan
  521. White-throated Shrike-Tanager – Lanio leucothorax; Quebrada Gonzalez, 15-March
  522. Scarlet-rumped Tanager – Ramphocelus passerinii; Tirimbina, 9-Jan
  523. Crimson-collared Tanager – Ramphocelus sanguinolentus; Tirimbina, 9-Jan
  524. Gray-headed Tanager – Eucometis penicillata; Rincon de la Vieja, 28-Feb
  525. Blue-black Grassquit – Volatinia jacarina; San Joaquin de Heredia, 10-Jan
  526. Slaty Flowerpiercer – Diglossa plumbea; Varablanca area, 9-Jan
  527. Green Honeycreeper – Chlorophanes spiza; Tirimbina, 9-Jan
  528. Shining Honeycreeper – Cyanerpes lucidus; Tirimbina, 9-Jan
  529. Red-legged Honeycreeper – Cyanerpes cyaneus; Ciudad Neily area, 3-Feb
  530. Blue Dacnis – Dacnis cayana; Tirimbina, 9-Jan
  531. Scarlet-thighed Dacnis – Dacnis venusta; Providencia area, 18-Feb
  532. Bananaquit – Coereba flaveola; Tirimbina, 9-Jan
  533. Peg-billed Finch – Ancathidops bairdi; Providencia area, 18-Feb
  534. Yellow-faced Grassquit – Tiaris olvaceus; San Joaquin de Heredia, 10-Jan
  535. Thick-billed Seed-Finch – Sporphila funerea; Ciudad Neily area, 3-Feb
  536. Variable Seedeater – Sporophila corvina; Tirimbina, 9-Jan
  537. Morelet’s Seedeater – Sporophila morelleti; La Selva area, 9-Jan
  538. Slate-colored Seedeater – Sporophila schistacea; near Jaco, 4-April
  539. Black-headed Saltator – Saltator atriceps; Santa Barbara area, 15-Feb
  540. Buff-throated Saltator – Saltator maximus; Tirimbina, 9-Jan
  541. Grayish Saltator – Saltator coerulescens; San Joaquin de Heredia, 10-Jan
  542. Streaked Saltator – Saltator striatipectus; Ciudad Neily area, 3-Feb

Written by Patrick O'Donnell
Patrick O'Donnell became a birder at the age of 7 after seeing books about birds in the Niagara Falls, New York public library. Although watching thousands of gulls in the Niagara Gorge was sublime, more bird species (and warmer weather) eventually brought him to Mexico, Costa Rica, Ecuador, and other very birdy tropical places. A biologist by training, he has worked on bird-related projects in Colorado, Washington, Peru, and other locales, and has guided birders in Peru, Ecuador, and Costa Rica. These days, he lives in Costa Rica where he juggles guiding, freelance writing, developing bird apps for Costa Rica and Panama, posting on his Costa Rica birding blog, and discussing dinosaurs with his young daughter.