Well done to anyone who managed to identify the correct birds from their reflections. Nobody who took the time to submit their thoughts to the comments section scored 10 out of 10, but there were some horrible ones in there and the best score was 6 out of 10. Ingrid had 7 of the required answers, but blotted her copybook by putting one against the wrong reflection. Numbers 1 through 4 and 6 didn’t cause any problems and I was surprised to see how easily number 10 was identified.

5, 7, 8 and 9 however were the stinkers it appears.

Before you look at the answers below, take one more look at the challenge and bear in mind that there are no geese and no falcons. Use leg colours as a cue in the other two. All of the birds are strongly associated with water and were seen in San Francisco around the New Year.


SFO 30Dec12 Reflection 052

SFO 30Dec12 Reflection 093

SFO 30Dec12 Reflection 07


SFO 30Dec12 Reflection 115

SFO 30Dec12 Reflection 126

SFO 30Dec12 Reflection 017

SFO 30Dec12 Reflection 088

SFO 30Dec12 Reflection 039

SFO 30Dec12 Reflection 04

10Glaucous-winged Gull


  1. Ruddy Duck
  2. Northern Shoveler
  3. Green Teal
  4. Ring-necked Duck
  5. Bufflehead
  6. American Avocet
  7. Greater Yellowlegs
  8. Long-billed Dowitcher
  9. Western Sandpiper
  10. Glaucous-winged Gull
Written by Redgannet
Redgannet worked for more than 35 years as a flight attendant for an international airline. He came to birding late in his career but, considering the distractions, doesn't regret the missed opportunities. He was paid to visit six continents and took full advantage of the chance to bird the world. He adopted the nom de blog, Redgannet, to avoid remonstrations from his overbearing employer, but secretly hoped that the air of mystery would make him more attractive to women. Now grounded, he is looking forward to seeing the seasons turn from a fixed point.