Migration is on the wane, if not ended altogether, yet the next season’s birds are not yet completely in place. What are you supposed to do this weekend?!? Well, if you live in a country enlightened (or twisted) enough to celebrate Halloween, you can put a big dent in the kids’ candy. Otherwise, you’ll just have to enjoy the last vestiges of the passing season. What are you doing this weekend and will you be watching birds? Comment below on the excitement you have planned!

I and my family will be headed down to Potter County, PA to visit Sara’s folks. They’ve got pretty much the same birds down there that I have in Rochester, but at least Sara’s mom, Ann has some well-stocked and well-attended feeders.  Corey has bemoaned the lack of rarities in the NYC area so I suspect he’ll be out shaking the trees – figuratively of course – for something special. Charlie, fortunate vagabond that he is, finds himself in Singapore this weekend. Who knows what he’ll see!

Regardless of how you plan to enjoy a lovely weekend, be sure to celebrate Sky Watch Friday

If you can’t tell whether this is a Common Buzzard or a Red-tailed Hawk, you need to see
Charlie’s superb post on distinguishing buteos.

Written by Mike
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