Sense that shift in the air? The equinox is upon us, which means a new season is dawning! Those of us north of the equator are finally seeing the signs – and the birds – of spring. My friend David at Birdstack has organized another event celebrating equinoctial avifauna. If you thought seeking out the birds of the December Solstice was fun, you’ll love chasing down the birds of the March Equinox this weekend. Check out Birdstack for detailsThink you’ll be birding this weekend? Let us know what you’ve got planned in the comments below!

Birds of the Equinox

I will certainly be seeking out a spring bird or two this weekend. Corey and Charlie will be doing the same. We’ll also be keeping our mighty, mighty Mesoamerican Month celebration going. Looks like we’ve finally achieved consensus here at 10,000 Birds!

Wherever you are this weekend, make time to enjoy SkyWatch Friday

Keep your eyes to the skies for spoonbills like this African Spoonbill Charlie spotted in Cape Town!

Written by Mike
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