Because I’m likely the only 10,000 Birds beat writer who can go on a drive and photograph Narwhal, I thought I’d put up a quick post with some photos of birds and Narwhal from Sunday evening. Its okay to gloat, right? These were all taken from shore as the Narwhal fed on schooling Arctic Cod in Victor Bay.

Thayer's Gull with Narwhal

 Dive! A Thayer’s Gull plunges for some of the Arctic Cod the Narwhal are feeding on.

Thayer's Gull and Northern Fulmar

The resulting food fight between a Thayer’s Gull (note the small cod in its bill) and a Northern Fulmar


Northern Fulmar over pair of Narwhal


Northern Fulmar awaiting the spoils. Note the “fin” on the ice adapted Narwhal.

Thayer's Gull (Larus thayerii)

Thayer’s Gull flies low over the surface. Just below, a huge school of millions of small Arctic Cod.


There be Narwhal. Four actually.

Northern Fulmar and Mondon Monoceros

More Fulmar join the chase


Lest you think these are just some boring tuskless marine mammals, a shot from a couple of days earlier, further out.

Thayer's Gulls on beach.

And afterwards, the Thayer’s Gulls rest.

Written by Clare K
Clare Kines is a retired Mountie and a failed businessman, which apparently qualifies him to be the Economic Development Officer for Arctic Bay Nunavut. Raised in Manitoba, Clare has lived in three provinces and two territories, managing to get kicked out of all them except this last one. So far. He has had a lifelong love of nature, never growing out a child’s curiosity. Given a Peterson’s guide by his grandfather, he made birds a big part of that love. He’s led tours to the high Arctic and Cuba, and writes probably the most northerly blog in the world, The House and other Arctic musings. He considers himself the luckiest man alive, having found great love twice in his life. His first wife, Janice, passed away in 1996. After moving north he met and fell for Leah. They have two fantastic children. He lives in an incredibly beautiful, magical part of the world - a place few people get to know.