This week’s quiz was global in nature, asking to identify endemic species of a country that needed to be guessed based on a number of clues.

There were four people who correctly ID’ed endemic species in that country in short order.  Congratulations to Nick, Pat O’Donnell, Peter O and Clare.  The country in question is Costa Rica.

One thing I love about the answers … such exotic names.  It conjures up dreams of great birds that I have not seen yet.  Ahhh, the allure, the dream, the draw to go see those birds.  How compelling.  Here were the responses: Alfaro’s Hummingbird, Coppery-headed Emerald, Black-cheeked Ant-Tanager and Mangrove Hummingbird.  And an incorrectly-guessed species from Thailand, Deignan’s Babbler, is equally exciting.  I think I need to get on a plane, and soon.

Two recent references on 10,000 Birds:

– On April 8, just a week ago, Corey wrote a post on the Clay-colored Thrush, the national bird of Costa Rica.

– As Mike wrote just last month “Costa Rica is at the top of every single birder’s list of desperately desired destinations”.  And it is at the top of mine!

Note to self: Add more diabolicalness to quizzes … so many right answers so quickly.

Written by Jory
Jory's first field guide-identified bird was a Northern Cardinal. This turned out to be his gateway drug into birding. In 2007 Jory became the least accomplished birder to see 300 birds in New York State in one year. He has birded the world over but maintains his birding "beginner mind", of which he is inordinately proud. Just ask him. Jory is the 10,000 Birds Avian Quizmaster, coming up with ever more diabolical ways to stump his legion of devoted fans. He lives with his wife and the possessions of his children just outside of Albany NY.