Once again it is a new year and once again I will commit to listing the birds I see during the year! We have no plans beyond Broome whatsoever at the moment, so we did put a fair bit of an effort in on New Year’s Day together to get a good start. There was one big problem that really restricted what we would see and that Cyclone Christine had just travelled down the coast from north of us and had brought flooding rain. This restricted us to bitumen roads and the lakes and wetlands that had been excellent for birding only a few days before were now so flooded that the birds had completely left the area. Last year we were also halted by a badly deflated tyre, but it is only day one of the year and when you get over 100 bird species you really can’t complain. The first day of the year started as Christmas Day did with the usual suspects in our garden and we then realised the sky was full of Oriental Pratincoles. Following Cyclone Christine our skies were full of flying ants and the birds were chasing them and feasting on them. It was a magnificent sight over the whole township, but they were only present for a few hours and they moved on chasing the flying ants. Oriental Pratincoles

Oriental Pratincoles chasing flying ants

Another feature on New Year’s Day was the abundance of lizards and goannas enjoying the steamy heat of the bitumen and we spent a lot of time driving around these creatures. We observed a dozen of the shorebirds usually present around the township, but with road closures we could not access the northern shores of Roebuck Bay and the Black-tailed Godwit remains off our list at the moment. Goanna


We walked to a lake that we could access with a hot and steamy walk from the bitumen and we were rewarded for our efforts by Varied Sittellas, which is a species we rarely see and I have never attempted to photograph as they are so small and often so flighty in the taller trees. One other highlight was the presence of a pair of Dingo, which are also rarely seen and were very cautious of our presence. There was also a nice flock of Pink-eared Ducks, which are the feature photograph as they would have to be my favourite duck! Wild Dingo

Wild Dingo

Last year we achieved 112 bird species on New Year’s Day and this year we achieved 117, but some of the easiest birds have completely eluded us. Normally there are Straw-necked Ibis and White Ibis in our local parks or at least at the Poo Ponds, but a lot of birds have “gone missing” since the cyclone passed by. All was not to be lost, though, as I discovered a Common Noddy resting on the rocks near Town Beach on January 2nd. This bird had obviously come ashore during the strong winds and it has been several years since we have observed one in Broome. Grant was able to take a “late lunch” from work and go for a walk to make sure it was something he had seen as well, because they are far from common. Common Noddy

Common Noddy

Once again for my Australian birds I will use the “Christidis and Boles 2008 key to species names” and list them in the order that they come on that list. For birds listed as “seen in Broome” the location covers an area that is no further than 70kms from the Broome Bird Observatory unless otherwise stated. If there is a post that I have done that covers any of the species I will attach a link to it. For all my other posts you can click on Clare M. This was last updated December 30th and my main goal is to have fun birding and list what I see.

  1. Orange-footed Scrubfowl-Megapodius reinwardt-Darwin, August 23rd
  2. Brown Quail-Coturnix ypsilophora-near Kununurra, November 4th
  3. Indian Peafowl-Pavo cristatus-Broome, April 21st
  4. Red Junglefowl-Gallus gallus-Darwin, October 20th
  5. Magpie Goose-Anseranus semipalmata-Broome, February 23rd
  6. Plumed Whistling-DuckDendrocygna eytoniBroome, January 1st
  7. Wandering Whistling-Duck-Dendrocygna arcuata-Broome, January 1st
  8. Musk DuckBiziura iobata-Perth, February 9th
  9. Freckled Duck-Stictonetta naevosa-Perth, February 9th
  10. Black Swan-Cygnus atratus-Broome, January 1st
  11. Radjah Shelduck-Tadorna radjah-Broome, January 18th
  12. Australian ShelduckTadoma tadomoides-Perth, February 9th
  13. Australian Wood Duck-Chenonetta jubataPerth, February 9th
  14. Pink-eared Duck-Malacorhynchus membranaceus-Broome, January 1st
  15. Green Pygmy-Goose-Nettapus pulchellus-Broome, January 1st
  16. Australian Shoveler-Anas rhynchotis-Perth, February 9th
  17. Grey Teal-Anas gracilis-Broome, January 1st
  18. Chestnut Teal-Anas castanea-Sydney, May 30th
  19. Pacific Black Duck-Anas superciliosa-Broome, January 1st
  20. Hardhead-Aythya australis-Broome, January 1st
  21. Blue-billed Duck-Oxyura australis-Perth, February 9th
  22. Australasian GrebeTachybaptus novaehollandiae, Broome, January 1st
  23. Hoary-headed Grebe-Poliocephalus poliocephalus-Broome, January 1st
  24. Great Crested GrebePodiceps cristatus-Perth, February 9th
  25. Rock Dove-Columba livia-Perth, February 10th
  26. White-headed Pigeon-Columba leucomela-Southern Highlands, June 9th
  27. Laughing Dove-Streptopelia senegalensis-Perth, February 9th
  28. Spotted Dove-Streptopella chinensis-Perth, February 9th
  29. Brown Cuckoo-Dove-Macropygia amboinensis-Sydney, June 16th
  30. Emerald Dove-Chalcophaps indicaDarwin, September 20th
  31. Common Bronzewing-Phaps chalocoptera-Perth, February 10th
  32. Crested PigeonOcyphaps lophotes-Broome, January 1st
  33. Spinifex Pigeon-Geophaps ferruginea-near Kunnurra, November 3rd
  34. White-quilled Rock-Pigeon-Petrophassa albipennisKununurra, November 3rd
  35. Diamond DoveGeopelia cuneata-Broome, April 20th
  36. Peaceful Dove-Geopelia striataBroome, January 1st
  37. Bar-shouldered Dove-Geopelia humeralis-Broome, January 1st
  38. Wonga Pigeon-Leucosarcia picata-Southern Highlands, June 8th
  39. Rose-crowned Fruit-Dove-Ptililnopus regina-Darwin, August 31st
  40. Pied Imperial-Pigeon-Ducula bicolor-Darwin, August 19th
  41. Tawny Frogmouth-Podargus strigoides-Broome, August 17th
  42. Fork-tailed Swift-Apus pacificus-Broome, January 5th
  43. Black-browed Albatross-Thallassarche melanophris-NSW coast, June 6th
  44. Lesser Frigatebird-Fregata ariel-Broome, January 4th
  45. Australasian Gannet-Morus serrator-Sydney, May 29th
  46. Brown BoobySula leucogaster-Broome, January 1st
  47. Australasian Darter-Anhinga novaehollandiae-Broome, January 8th
  48. Great Cormorant-Phalacrocorax carbo-Perth, February 9th
  49. Little Pied Cormorant-Microcarbo melanoleucos-Broome, January 1st
  50. Little Black Cormorant-Phalacrocorax sulcirostris-Broome, January 5th
  51. Pied Cormorant-Phalacrocorax varius-Broome, January 1st
  52. Australian Pelican-Pelecanus conspicillatus-Broome, January 1st
  53. Black-necked Stork-Ephippiorhynchus asiaticus-Broome, January 12th
  54. Black BitternIxobrychus flavicollis-Darwin, September 7th
  55. White-necked HeronArdea pacifica-Broome, January 12th
  56. Eastern Great EgretArdea modesta-Broome, January 1st
  57. Intermediate Egret-Ardea intermedia-Broome, January 1st
  58. Cattle Egret-Bubulcus ibis-Southern Highlands, June 2nd
  59. Striated Heron-grey morph-Butorides striata-Broome, January 1st
  60. Striated Heron-rufous morph-Butorides Striata-Darwin, October 21st
  61. Pied Heron-Egretta picata-Kununurra, August 17th
  62. White-faced Heron-Egretta novaehollandiae-Broome, January 1st
  63. Little Egret-Egretta garzetta-Broome, Janaury 4th
  64. Eastern Reef Egret-grey morph-Egretta sacra-Broome, January 1st
  65. Eastern Reef Egret-white morph-Egretta sacra-Broome, July 26th
  66. Nankeen Night-Heron-Nycticorax caledonicus-Broome, January 4th
  67. Glossy Ibis-Plegadis flacinellus-Broome, January 1st
  68. Australian White Ibis-Threskiornis molucca-Broome, Janaury 4th
  69. Straw-necked IbisThreskiornis spinicollis-Broome, January 5th
  70. Royal Spoonbill-Platalea regia-Broome, January 1st
  71. Yellow-billed Spoonbill-Platalea flavipes-Perth, February 9th
  72. Eastern OspreyPandion cristatus-Broome, January 1st
  73. Black-shouldered KiteElanus axillaris-Broome, January 1st
  74. Black-breasted Buzzard-Hamirostra melanostemon-Broome, January 1st
  75. White-bellied Sea EagleHaliaeetus leucogaster-Broome, January 1st
  76. Whistling Kite-Haliastur sphenurus-Broome, January 1st
  77. Brahminy Kite-Haliastur indus-Broome, January 1st
  78. Black Kite-Milvus migrans-Broome, January 1st
  79. Brown Goshawk-Accipter fasciatusBroome, January 1st
  80. Collared Sparrowhawk-Accipter cirroephalus-Broome, January 5th
  81. Grey GoshawkAccipter novaehollandiae-Sydney, May 30th
  82. Spotted Harrier-Circus assimilis-Broome, January 1st
  83. Swamp Harrier-Circus approximans-Broome, January 4th
  84. Wedge-tailed EagleAquila audax-Broome, January 5th
  85. Little Eagle-Hieraaetus morphnoides-Broome, December 28th
  86. Nankeen KestrelFalco cenchroides-Broome, January 1st
  87. Brown FalconFalco berigora-Broome, January 1st
  88. Australian HobbyFalco longipennis-Broome, January 4th
  89. Black Falcon-Falco subniger-Broome, February 23rd
  90. Peregrine Falcon-Falco peregrinus-Broome, April 20th
  91. BrolgaGrus rubicunda-Broome, January 1st
  92. Purple SwamphenPorphyrio porphyrio-Broome, January 4th
  93. Buff-banded Rail-Galliirallus philippensis-Southern Highlands, June 6th
  94. Baillon’s Crake-Porzena fusca-Broome, December 16th
  95. Spotless Crake-Porzana tabuensisBroome, December 17th
  96. Black-tailed Native-hen-Tribonyx ventralis-Broome, December 16th
  97. Dusky Moorhen-Gallinula tenebrosa-Perth, February 9th
  98. Eurasian Coot-Fulica atra-Broome, January 1st
  99. Australian BustardArdeotis australis-Broome, January 1st
  100. Bush Stone-curlew-Burhinus grallarius-Darwin, August 24th
  101. Beach Stone-curlewEsacus magnirostris-Broome, November 12th
  102. Australian Pied OystercatcherHaematopus longirostris-Broome, January 5th
  103. Sooty Oystercatcher-Haematopus fuliginosus-Broome-January 3rd
  104. Black-winged StiltHimantopus himantopus-Broome, January 1st
  105. Red-necked Avocet-Recurvirostra novaehollandiae-Halls Creek, November 4th
  106. Pacific Golden Plover-Pluvialis fulva-Broome, January 1st
  107. Grey Plover-Pluvialis squatarola-Broome, January 1st
  108. Little Ringed Plover-Charadrius dublus-Broome, January 1st
  109. Red-capped PloverCharadrius ruficapillus-Broome, January 4th
  110. Lesser Sand Plover-Charadrius mongolus-Broome, January 1st
  111. Greater Sand Plover-Charadrius leschenaultii-Broome, January 1st
  112. Oriental Plover-Charadrius veredus-Darwin, August 25th
  113. Black-fronted DotterelElseyornis melanops-Broome, January 1st
  114. Red-kneed Dotterel-Erythrogonys cinctus-Broome, January 1st
  115. Masked LapwingVanellus MilesBroome, January 1st
  116. Masked Lapwing-Vanellus novaehollandiae-Sydney, May 29th
  117. Comb-crested Jacana-Irediparra gallinacea-Kununurra, August 17th
  118. Semipalmated PloverCharadrius semipalmatus-Broome, January 18th
  119. Swinhoe’s SnipeGallinago megala-Broome, January 18th
  120. Black-tailed Godwit-Limosa limosa-Darwin, October 25th
  121. Bar-tailed GodwitLimosa lapponica-Broome, January 1st
  122. Little CurlewNumenius minutus-Broome, April 20th
  123. WhimbrelNumenius phaeopus-Broome, January 1st
  124. Eastern Curlew-Numenius madagascariensis-Broome, January 3rd
  125. Terek Sandpiper-Xenus cinereus-Broome, January 3rd
  126. Common SandpiperActitis hypoleucos-Broome, January 1st
  127. Grey-tailed TattlerTringa brevipesBroome, January 1st
  128. Common Greenshank-Tringa nebulariaBroome, January 1st
  129. Marsh Sandpiper-Tringa stagnatilis-Broome, January 1st
  130. Common Redshank-Tringa totanus-Broome, December 30th
  131. Wood SandpiperTringa glareola-Broome, Janusry 1st
  132. Ruddy Turnstone-Arenaria interpresBroome, January 1st
  133. Great KnotCalidris tenuirostris-Broome, January 1st
  134. Red Knot-Calidris canutus-Broome, January 2nd
  135. Sanderling-Calidris alba-Broome, January 1st
  136. Red-necked StintCalidris ruficollis-Broome, January 1st
  137. Long-toed Stint-Calidris subminuta-Broome, December 16th
  138. Sharp-tailed Sandpiper-Calidris acuminata-Broome, January 4th
  139. Curlew Sandpiper-Calidris ferruginea-Broome, January 2nd
  140. Broad-billed Sandpiper-Limicola falcinellus-Broome, November 9th
  141. Oriental PratincoleGlareola maldivarumBroome, January 1st
  142. Australian Pratincole-Stiltia isabellaBroome, April 20th
  143. Common NoddyAnous stolidusBroome, January 2nd
  144. Bridled Tern-Onychoprion anaethetus-Broome, January 19th
  145. Little Tern-Sternula albifrons-Broome, January 1st
  146. Gull-billed Tern-Gelochelidon nilotica race Macro tarsus-Broome, January 1st
  147. Gull-billed Tern-Gelochelidon nilotica race Affinis-Darwin, September 14th
  148. Caspian Tern-Hydroprogne caspia-Broome, January 2nd
  149. Whiskered TernChilidonias hybrida-Broome, January 1st
  150. White-winged Black Tern-Chilidonias leucopterus-Broome, January 1st
  151. Common Tern-Sterna hirundo-Broome, January 1st
  152. Lesser Crested Tern-Thalasseus bengalensis-Broome, January 1st
  153. Crested TernThalasseus bergiiBroome, January 1st
  154. Kelp Gull-Larus dominicanus-north of Port Kembla, June 12th
  155. Silver GullChroicocephalus novaehollandiaeBroome, January 1st
  156. Red-tailed Black-Cockatoo-Calyptorhynchus banksii-Broome, January 2nd
  157. Yellow-tailed Black-Cockatoo-Calyptorhynchus funereus-Sydney, May 29th
  158. Carnaby’s Black Cockatoo-Calyptorrhynchus latirostris-Perth, February 14th
  159. Gang-gang Cockatoo-Callocephalon fimbriatum-Southern Highlands, June 3rd
  160. GalahEolophus roseicapillus-Perth, February 10th
  161. Western Corella-Cacatua pastinator-Perth, February 9th
  162. Little Corella-Cacatua sanguinea-Broome, January 1st
  163. Sulphur-crested Cockatoo-Cacalua galerita-Sydney, May 29th
  164. Cockatiel-Nymphicus hollandicusBroome-Fitzroy Crossing, August 17th
  165. Red-collared Lorikeet-Trichoglossus haematodus-race rubritorquis-Broome, January 1st
  166. Rainbow Lorikeet-Trichoglossus haematodus-Perth, February 9th
  167. Varied Lorikeet-Psitteuteles versicolor-Broome, February 27th
  168. Australian King-Parrot-Alisterus scapularis-Southern Highlands, June 2nd
  169. Red-winged ParrotAprosmictus erythropterusBroome, January 1st
  170. Crimson Rosella-Platycercus elegans-Sydney, May 29th
  171. Eastern Rosella-Platycercus eximimius-Sydney, June 2nd
  172. Northern Rosella-Platycercus venustus-Darwin, August 19th
  173. Australian Ringneck-Barnardius zonarius-Broome, July 4th
  174. Red-capped Parrot-Purpureicephalus spurius-Broome, July 4th
  175. Budgerigar-Melopsittacus undulatus-Broome-Fitzroy Crossing, August 17th
  176. Pheasant CoucalCentropus phasianninus-Broome, January 1st
  177. Eastern Koel-Eudynamys orientalis-Darwin, October 1st
  178. Channel-billed Cuckoo-Scythrops navoaehollandiae-Broome, February 2nd
  179. Horsfield’s Bronze-Cuckoo-Chalcites basalis-Broome, January 4th
  180. Little Bronze-CuckooChalcites minutillus-Broome, January 5th
  181. Pallid Cuckoo-Cacomantis pallidusBroome, January 4th
  182. Fan-tailed Cuckoo-Cacomantis flabelliformis-Lake Illawarra, June 12th
  183. Brush CuckooCacomantis variolosusBroome, January 2nd
  184. Barking Owl-Ninox connivens-Broome, July 18th
  185. Southern Boobook-Ninox novaeseelandiae-(deceased)-near Darwin, November 3rd
  186. Eastern Barn Owl-Tyto javanica-(deceased)-Broome, January 1st
  187. Azure Kingfisher-Ceyx azureus-Darwin, August 30th
  188. Laughing Kookaburra-Dacelo novaeguineae-Perth, February 9th
  189. Blue-winged KookaburraDacelo leachii-Broome, January 1st
  190. Forest Kingfisher-Todiremphus macleaylii-Darwin, August 19th
  191. Red-backed KingfisherTodiramphus pyrrhopygius-Broome, January 1st
  192. Sacred Kingfisher-Todiramphus sanctus-Broome, January 1st
  193. Rainbow Bee-eater-Merops ornatus-Broome, January 1st
  194. Dollarbird-Eurystomus orientalis-Broome, January 1st
  195. Rainbow Pitta-Pitta iris-Darwin, August 24th
  196. Superb Lyrebird-Menura novaehollandiae-Sydney, May 29th
  197. White-throated Treecreeper-Cormobates leucophaea-Sydney, May 29th
  198. Satin Bowerbird-Ptilonorhynchus violaceus-Sydney, May 29th
  199. Great Bowerbird-Ptilonorhynchus nuchalis-Broome, January 1st
  200. Superb Fairywren-Malurus cyaneus-Sydney, May 29th
  201. Splendid Fairywren-Malurus splendens-Perth, February 9th
  202. Red-backed Fairywren-Malurus melanocephalus-Broome, January 1st
  203. Variegated Fairywren-Malurus lamberti-Broome, January 1st
  204. Eastern Bristlebird-Dasyomis brachypterus-Southern Highlands, June 7th
  205. RockwarblerOrigma solitaria-Southern Highlands, June 3rd
  206. White-browed Scrubwren-Sericomis frontalis-Sydney, May 29th
  207. Weebill-Smicromis brevirostris-Broome, January 26th
  208. Brown Gerygone-Gerygone mouki-Sydney, May 29th
  209. Mangrove Gerygone-Gerygone levigaster-Broome, January 4th
  210. Western Gerygone-Gerygone fusca-Perth, February 9th
  211. Dusky Gerygone-Gerygone tenebrosa-Broome, July 13th
  212. Large-billed Gerygone-Gerygone magnirostris-Darwin, September 7th
  213. Green-backed Gerygone-Gerygone chloronota-Darwin, September 7th
  214. White-throated Gerygone-Gerygone albogularis-Broome, January 4th
  215. Striated Thornbill-Acanthiza lineata-Sydney, May 29th
  216. Yellow-rumped Thornbill-Acanthiza chrysorrhoa-Perth, February 9th
  217. Buff-rumped Thornbill-Acanthiza reguloides-Southern Highlands, June 6th
  218. Western Thornbill-Acanthiza inomata-Perth, February 9th
  219. Inland Thornbill-Acanthiza apicalis-Perth, February 10th
  220. Brown Thornbill-Acanthiza pusilla-Sydney, May 29th
  221. Spotted Pardalote-Pardalotus punctatus-Sydney, May 30th
  222. Red-browed PardalotePardalotus rubricatus-Broome, January 1st
  223. Striated Pardalote-Pardalotus striatus-Broome, January 1st
  224. Eastern Spinebill-Acanthorhynchus tenuirostris-Sydney, May 29th
  225. Western Spinebill-Acanthorhynchus superciliosus-Perth, February 10th
  226. Lewin’s Honeyeater-Meliphaga lewinii-Sydney, May 29th
  227. Yellow-faced Honeyeater-Lichenostomus chrysops-Sydney, May 29th
  228. Singing Honeyeater-Lichenostomus virenscens-Broome, January 1st
  229. White-gaped Honeyeater-Lichenostomus unicolor-Broome, January 1st
  230. White-eared Honeyeater-Lichenostomus leucotis-Sydney, May 30th
  231. Grey-fronted Honeyeater-Lichenostomus plumulus-Halls Creek, August 17th
  232. Yellow-tinted Honeyeater-Lichenostomus flavescens-Broome, January 1st
  233. Bell Miner-Manorina melanophrys-Southern Highlands, June 2nd
  234. Noisy Miner-Manorina melanocephalaSydney, May 29th
  235. Yellow-throated Miner-Manorina flavigula-Broome, January 26th
  236. Western Wattlebird-Anthochaera lunulata-Perth, February 9th
  237. Little Wattlebird-Anthochaera chrysoptera-Southern Highlands, June 7th
  238. Red Wattlebird-Anthochaera carunculata-Perth, February 9th
  239. Bar-breasted Honeyeater-Ramsayomis fasciatus-Darwin, August 22nd
  240. Rufous-banded Honeyeater-Conopophila albogularis-Darwin, August 19th
  241. Rufous-throated HoneyeaterConopophila rufogularis-Broome, January 1st
  242. Dusky Honeyeater-Myzomela obscura-Darwin, August 19th
  243. Red-headed Honeyeater-Myzomela erythrocephala-Broome, January 12th
  244. Banded Honeyeater-Cissomela pectoralis-Keep River NP, November 3rd
  245. Brown HoneyeaterLichmera indistincta-Broome, January 1st
  246. New Holland Honeyeater-Phylidonyris novaehollandiae-Perth, February 9th
  247. Black-chinned Honeyeater-Melithreptus gularis-Broome, January 5th
  248. Brown-headed Honeyeater-Melithreptus brevirostris-Sydney, May 29th
  249. White-throated Honeyeater-Melithreptus albogularis-Broome, April 21st
  250. White-naped Honeyeater-Melithreptus lunatus-Perth, February 10th
  251. Blue-faced Honeyeater-Entomyzon cyanotis-Kununurra, August 17th
  252. Helmeted Friarbird-Philemon buceroides-Darwin, August 28th
  253. Silver-crowned Friarbird-Philemon argenticeps-Timber Creek, August 18th
  254. Little Friarbird-Philemon citreogulrisBroome, January 1st
  255. Grey-crowned BabblerPomatostomus temporalis-Broome, January 1st
  256. Spotted Quail-thrush-Cinclosoma punctatum-Southern Highlands, June 3rd
  257. Eastern Whipbird-Psophodes olivaceus-Sydney, May 29th
  258. Varied Sittella-Daphoenositta chrysoptera leucoptera-Broome, January 1st
  259. Varied Sittella-Daphoenositta chrysoptera leucocephala-Southern Highlands, June 9th
  260. Black-faced Cuckoo-shrike-Coracina novaehollandiae-Broome, January 1st
  261. White-bellied Cuckoo-shrike-Coracina papuensisDarwin, August 19th
  262. White-winged Triller-Lalage sueurii-Broome, January 1st
  263. Varied Triller-Lalage leucomelaDarwin, August 29th
  264. Golden Whistler-Pachycephala pectoralis-Sydney, May 30th
  265. Mangrove Golden Whistler-Pachycephala melanura-Broome, January 1st
  266. Grey Whistler-Pachycephala simplex-Darwin, September 7th
  267. Rufous Whistler-Pachycephala rufiventris-Broome, January 1st
  268. Grey Shrike-Thrush-Colluricincla harmonica-Broome, January 1st
  269. Australasian Figbird-Sphecotheres vieilloti-Sydney, June 2nd
  270. Yellow Oriole-Oriolus flavocinctus-Darwin, August 22nd
  271. Olive-backed Oriole-Oriolus sagittatus-Broome, January 1st
  272. White-breasted woodswallow-Artamus leucirynchus-Broome, January 1st
  273. Masked Woodswallow-Artamus personatus-Broome, April 20th
  274. Black-faced Woodswallow-Artamus cinereusBroome, January 1st
  275. Little Woodswallow-Artamus minorBroome, January 1st
  276. Black Butcherbird-Cracticus mentalis-Darwin, October 18th
  277. Grey Butcherbird-Cracticus torquatus-Sydney, May 29th
  278. Pied Butcherbird-Cracticus nigrogularis-Broome, January 1st
  279. Australian Magpie-Cracticus tibicenBroome, January 1st
  280. Pied Currawong-Strepera graculina-Sydney, May 29th
  281. Spangled Drongo-Dicrrurus bracteatus-Sydney, May 29th
  282. Arafura Fantail-Rhipidura dryas-Darwin September 20th
  283. Grey Fantail-Rhipidura albiscapa-Perth, February 9th
  284. Mangrove Grey Fantail-Rhipidura phasiana-Broome, January 12th
  285. Northern Fantail-Rhipidura rufiventris-Broome, January 5th
  286. Willie-wagtail-Rhipidura leucophrys-Broome, January 1st
  287. Australian Raven-Corvus coronoides-Perth, February 9th
  288. Torresian Crow-Corvus orru-Broome, January 1st
  289. Broad-billed Flycatcher-Myiagra ruficollis-Darwin, August 31st
  290. Leaden Flycatcher-Myiagra rubeculaDarwin, August 31st
  291. Shining Flycatcher-Myiagra alecto-Darwin, September 20th
  292. Paperbark Flycatcher-Myiagra nana-Broome, January 1st
  293. Magpie-lark-Grallina cyanoleuca-Broome, January 1st
  294. Apostlebird-Struthidea cinerea-Katherine, November 3rd
  295. Jacky Winter-Microeca fascinans-Broome, January 1st
  296. Lemon-bellied Flycatcher-Microeca flavigaster-Broome, January 1st
  297. Flame Robin-Petroica phoenicea-Sydney, June 16th
  298. Rose Robin-Petroica rosea-Sydney, May 30th
  299. Hooded Robin-Melanodryas cucullata-Sydney, May 30th
  300. Eastern Yellow Robin-Eopsaltria australis-Sydney, May 29th
  301. Horsefield’s Bushlark-Mirafra javanica-Broome, January 1st
  302. Golden-headed Cisticola-Cisticola exilisBroome, January 12th
  303. Australian Reed-Warbler-Acrocephalus australis-Perth, February 9th
  304. Brown Songlark-Cincloramphus cruralis-Broome, January 1st
  305. Yellow White-eyeZosterrops luteus-Broome, January 5th
  306. Silver-eye-Zosterops lateralis-Perth, February 9th
  307. Barn Swallow-Hirundo rusticaBroome, January 1st
  308. Welcome Swallow-Hirundo neoxena-Perth, February 9th
  309. Fairy Martin-Petrochelidon ariel-Broome, January 1st
  310. Tree Martin-Petrochelidon nigricans-Broome, January 1st
  311. Red-whiskered Bulbul-Pycnonotus jocosus-Sydney, May 30th
  312. Common Blackbird-Tyrdus merula-Southern Highlands, June 4th
  313. Common Starling-Sturnus vulgaris-Sydney, May 30th
  314. Common Myna-Sturnus tristis-Sydney, May 28th
  315. Mistletoebird-Dicaeum hirundinaceum-Broome, January 1st
  316. Zebra FinchTaeniopygia guttata-Broome, January 1st
  317. Double-barred FinchTaeniopygia bichenovii-Broome, January 1st
  318. Long-tailed FinchPoephila acuticauda-Broome, January 1st
  319. Crimson Finch-Neochmia phaeton-Kununurra, August 17th
  320. Red-browed Finch-Neochmia temporalis-Sydney, May 30th
  321. Beautiful Firetail-Stagonopleura bella-Southern Highlands, June 7th
  322. Red-eared Firetail-Stagonopleura oculata-Perth, February 10th
  323. Chestnut-breasted Mannikin-Lonchura castaneothorax-Darwin, August 22nd
  324. Pictorella Mannikin-Heteromunia pectoralis-Halls Creek, August 17th
  325. House Sparrow-Passer domesticus-Sydney, June 2nd
  326. Australasian Pipit-Anthus novaeseelandiae-Broome, January 1st
  327. Eastern Yellow WagtailMotacilla tschutschenis-Broome, January 12th
  328. European Goldfinch-Carduelis carduelis-Sydney, June 2nd
  329. Domestic Goose-Ansas ansas domesticus-Southern Highlands, June 3rd
  330. Muscovy Duck-Anas platyrynchus domesticus-Sydney, May 30th
Written by Clare M
Clare and her husband, Grant, have lived permanently in Broome, Western Australia since 1999 after living in various outback locations around Western Australia and Darwin. She has lived in the Middle East and the United States and traveled extensively in Europe. She monitors Pied Oystercatchers breeding along a 23km stretch of Broome's coastline by bicycle and on foot. She chooses not to participate in social media, but rather wander off into the bush for peace and tranquility. Thankfully she can write posts in advance and get away from technology!