1. Some crows
2. Southern Harrier
3. About 100 mallard ducks and three or four Canada geese sitting every day all winter in an unfrozen patch in the Highway Cloverleaf; they totally disappeared when our untimely thaw came along and now two ducks are back.
4. A great grey owl on my friend’s facebook page.

Written by Greg
Greg Laden has been watching birds since they were still dinosaurs, but has remained the consummate amateur. This is probably because he needs better binoculars. Based in the Twin Cities, Minnesota, Greg is a biological anthropologist and Africanist, who writes and teaches about Evolution, especially of humans. He also blogs at Scienceblogs.com. Greg's beat is Bird Evolutionary Biology. One could say that knowing the science of birds can make the birds more interesting. But really, knowing about the birds that go with the science is more likely to make the science more interesting. And thus, birding and Neo Darwinian Theory go hand in hand. Darwin was, after all, a pretty serious birder. Greg has seen a bird eat a monkey in the wild.