Life is change. For the most part, naturalists appreciate and even embrace this simple truth. The unpredictable ebbs and flows of our lives matter so much in our own microcosms, but the realization that the world turns anyway can help connect us to other satisfying, enduring truths. For example, we’ll always have birds.

Right now, birds in the northern hemisphere are on the wing, just as they always are. And as long as blogging is a viable medium, we’ll have astute observers chronicling these movements. This is what I and the Bird is all about, tapping into individual accounts that aggregate into a coherent view of the incessant truth of birds. Our newest host, Robert Mortensen of Idaho Birding Blog takes his place in a grand tradition of excellent carnivals by delivering a real gem of an edition in I and the Bird #123.

Wherever you find yourself in life, you can find yourself further in nature. If you’ve been out and about and of a mind to blog well on the topic of birding or wild birds, IATB is for you. Submit a link and summary to our next edition, hosted by my birding buddy Laura Kammermeier of Birds, Words, & Websites. Send your link to me or Laura (laurakamms AT gmail DOT com) by April 27 for the 4/29 edition.

Written by Mike
Mike is a leading authority in the field of standardized test preparation, but he's also a traveler who fully expects to see every bird in the world. Besides founding 10,000 Birds in 2003, Mike has also created a number of other entertaining but now extirpated nature blog resources, particularly the Nature Blog Network and I and the Bird.