The Rufescent Tiger Heron tigrisoma lineatum, is one of the three species from the Tigrisoma genus of South America.

EZE 31Oct15 Rufescent Tiger Heron 03

Its common name indicates the rufous head, neck and breast while the latin special element describes the white markings on the throat.

EZE 31Oct15 Rufescent Tiger Heron 02

This individual was seen in Buenos Aires, at the southern extreme of its range and thus, for those who would have them split, is the T.l. marmoratum race. The nominate is found to the north, as far as southern Central America.

EZE 31Oct15 Rufescent Tiger Heron 04

Sexes are alike, but juveniles carry a cryptic, striped plumage (shared with the juvenile Fasciated and Bare-throated Tiger Herons) which conforms even more closely to the “tiger-bodied” translation of the generic name.

EZE 19May11 Rufescent Tiger-heron 02


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