A search of more than 20 years.
For a fleeting glimpse.
Just to be fooled again.
And again.

…on December 30th 2012, at Les-Baux-de-Provence in France, I finally nailed that little sucker.


wallcreeper cliff

The famous south-facing cliff below the castle ruins. Famous for this one:







vive la france

The WALLCREEPER!     Vive la France!

Written by Jochen
Jochen Roeder was born in Germany and raised to be a birder. He also spent a number of years abroad, just so he could see more birds. One of his most astounding achievements is the comprehension that Yellow-crowned Night-herons do not exist, as he failed to see any despite birding in North America for more than two years. He currently lives near Heidelberg, one of the most boring places for a birder to live, a fact about which he likes to whinge a lot. When he is not birding or trying to convince his teenage son that patiently scanning some fields for migrants is more fun than staring at a smartphone, he enjoys contemplating the reasoning behind the common names of birds. He first became famous in the bird blog world on Bell Tower Birding.