January 2006 is a month that will be long remembered in 10,000 Birds history. This is the month where we finally answered that burning question, “What is a Seahawk?” Welcome, football fans everywhere!

Another highlight of the month was the Core Team excursion to the Bahamas. From Lakeview Drive on Paradise Island to our guided tour of New Providence birding hotspots, the Bahamas offered up some sensational avifauna. Frankly, though, birds were about all Paradise Island had going for it this time of year.

White-cheeked Pintail
White-cheeked Pintail

The deep chill of winter in NYC is a good time to contemplate exotic creatures like spindalises and leaf-cutter ants. Lucky folks like Charlie who get to jet off to sunny California can enjoy Bay Area beauties like Heermann’s Gulls and Cackling Goose while we in the Bronx get Hooded Mergansers and Long-tailed Owls. Not that I’m knocking them…

Hooded Mergansers
Hooded Merganser

Written by Mike
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