This weekend, we’re celebrating Independence Day in the good old U.S. of A. The 4th of July means a lot of things to Americans, among them fireworks, parades, barbecues, and best of all, three days in a long summer weekend. While birding isn’t traditionally associated with this holiday, enterprising enthusiasts usually find a place to fit it in! So how are you spending the first weekend of July and will you be birding? Share your plans in the comments below!

I and my family are headed back down to Potter County, PA for equal parts work and relaxation. The birding was so enjoyable a couple of weeks ago that I can’t wait to get back. Charlie just moved house to a fancy estate. With hope, he’ll get a chance to wander the grounds and meet his avian neighbors.  Corey, of course, will be birding up a storm… catch him if you can.

Whatever your plans this weekend, make time to enjoy SkyWatch Friday

If you like this view from a van in Kazakhstan, Corey’s got nine more for you!

Written by Mike
Mike is a leading authority in the field of standardized test preparation, but he's also a traveler who fully expects to see every bird in the world. Besides founding 10,000 Birds in 2003, Mike has also created a number of other entertaining but now extirpated nature blog resources, particularly the Nature Blog Network and I and the Bird.